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Igloo Defense

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Use your mouse to aim and click the mouse button to fire a missile.

Missiles that land in an open area still do some damage to the other igloos, so don't let any missiles reach the ground.

You bonus points for shooting down multiple enemy missiles with one of your missiles.

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No sh!t its an old game ass.....

.....back in 1980,..I plugged hundreds of quarters into it. It's a shame that so many people dismiss the age that brought the crap they are playing today into fruition. Retro isn't a category,..it was an age,..ya know like medievil,..or jurrasic even.
If you don't appreciate where you're WOW or you're COD came from,..then do us all a favor and STFU. Good game dude,..there are flaws though.

This is old game.

I'll give only 5 because of your effort to make this game. But where is the GAME OVER screen when all of the ice huts are destroyed?

Was ok.

Not that bad as people said it is. Is a nice remake of missile command. However, this can be improve, you can add powerups or upgrades to make it better.

just bad

i usually dont give bellow a 5 star BUT this was bad, the only good part about the game was the little "X" in the corner of the screen

Nothing too great

There is not a real challenge in the game, or anything that will keep you playing the game, like upgrades or something else. And then there is absolutely no penalty for spamming missiles like crazy. Sure, you are rewarded for tactically blasting two or more missiles in one shot, but when things get hectic spamming is rewarded. A reload system or that missiles uses points would remove that problem. I like that when missiles hit the ground they deal damage to all remaining igloos, that makes you want to hit those missiles too, and you cant just ignore other igloos to remain with one well defended igloo.

Different kinds of missiles (both enemy and friendly)
Something to prevent spamming