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This is an old game I had originally made back in high school as a group project for a computer graphics class, recently ported to AS3. Of course I had fixed a few bugs, and made it more public friendly. It is a little difficult at first, but is quite addicting once you get the hang of it. It had the whole class playing it over and over for the last couple weeks of school once the final projects were done, hope it has the same effect on everyone else. :D

Instructions are in game, but I'll post them here anyway:
WSAD or arrow keys to move (or mouse if enabled)
P to pause
M to toggle mouse control

Move around to swing your tail, hit enemies with enough force to kill them. Avoid hitting enemies with the dragon or you'll lose health. Try to last as long as possible and get as many points as you can.

Some issues people may be bothered by:
- Pausing doesn't pause animations. I know this, but I didn't feel it was very important (or worth the complete redesign of everything to enable it), as you're probably not going to be pausing much anyway.
- No highscores. Depending on feedback, this will be added soon.

Any and all feedback welcome. Any suggestions or ideas for improvement don't be afraid to post up!

Hope you guys enjoy it! Have fun!!

Programming - Ryan Mastrolia
Graphics - Maxwell Fishman


very good.

i see a TON of potential in this. this looks like a shining proof of concept! if u polish the graphics, add some sound and fine tune the actual mechanics of the game, i think this will be in the top 10 all time scores. at the very least get a daily 2nd. iv played a lot of games that use the physics engine 2d or... sumfin like that. im sorry i cant help more, but i know that there is a physics engine that has 2d in its name. if u use that, the game may be a little more.... fair :3 i strongly urge that u return to this game and work on it more, i really truely see this game going very far in NG. graphics, music, and the actual control mechanics are the 3 main areas that i think need work. u may also consider increasing other trivial things, such as the speed of the dragon vs the enemies, the the size of the screen, other minor things like that. 7 stars for potential, and a 4 rating with the little... face dude lol.

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Dude this game is to difficult to play because you have to swing the tale-thingy all over the place but overall its a fair game.

hope you make a second game.

12 fps?

Is this running at only 12 frames per second? It seems like it is. Kick that up to 30 or 40, adjust the movement speeds accordingly, and this would be pretty awesome. As it is, it's really jumpy and it makes it hard to play.

Lots of Potential

I gave it a three merely because of the concept. If you fleshed it out a lot more (i.e. Music, Better Graphics, a sense of control over the tail) then this game would prolly be a whole lot better. If you made a sequel, I know I'd play it.

i think u should make a rpg game out of it

it wasnt that good but i give u rating for what you could make out of it the possabilatys are endless remember it laggs so dont put 2 much d tail in it

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2.64 / 5.00

Jan 3, 2009
10:50 PM EST
Action - Other