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Intense API Tutorial

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Hi, I'm KyleDaFox, and I wrote this INTENSE tutorial on API! It has around 40 pages jampacked with information to get you started in this EXTREME topic!
And Baseball151 for pissing me off to no end
Please review and tell me what I can do to improve and add INTENSITY.
Also, recommend this to the Tutorial Collection please.


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I cant say i understand what everyones complaining about. The font was fine. Didnt hurt my eyes at all.
To those of you talking about AS2 being outdated and such, well, it will be. But i beleive that for a short period it will still remain the most widely used version of ActionScript, and even if somethings outdated doesnt mean its not useful anymore.
Anyways, about the tutorial: i cant say i understood too much of it. I use actionscript but im nowhere near any kind of level to do with API, and i dont think i ever will be to be honest.
Interesting tutorial though. I cant say i read everything and understood it, but it was good and no doubt useful to other people.



next time try to do it with a less hard to read font, and try a lighter background, dark bg tires the eyes and if u sum the fonts no1 will want to read it cuz ppl gets tired at the 3rd page =_=.

sheesh, its a tutorial in action script 2, u could notice that after reading some, if some1 thinks is useless can stop reading it and find one that thinks will be of use for him/her, there are ppl who still want to use this kind script so let them be x_x.

The music was really nice, but i think it doesn't fits in 40 pages tutorial, something more calm would do it.


The font sucks and my eyes hurt

The instruction font is annoying.
The actionscript font is tiny.

Thanks for the as2 tut, but it's old and some people want something new.

Choose bettar music.

My eyes hurts

I could not stand the font, it was so bad that I couldn't read. Further more, you are late with the actionscript, time to leave actionscript 2 since it's is no longer extreme at all, unless you mean extremely outdated.
I can't really comment too much on the writing, I was too busy trying to dechipper the font.

nice technically but no real use...

... to anyone really looking to learn how to script in flash, two suggestions

1.) Actionscript 2 is now considered legacy code and with version 4 rumoured to arrive within 18 months, do you really want to learn a language that will be two version out of date? It seems to me a lot like as if you were to pick up VB 6 and begin with it today! If you're a beginner, start with AS3. All the crap about it being tougher is... crap.

2.) Get a proper book. It's much easier on the eyes.