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This is a collab that took a rediculously long time for no good reason. But anyway, it's here. This is a collaberative effort from people across the globe, amassing to create some a piece of flash animation to accompany the booty shakingly splendid Hip Hop Glados song by Oggy-cheese. We managed to get it on the Portal before it became it fell into the ever present black hole of the flashes that are supposed to be released but aren't. Enjoy!

p.s. Weeeee

(This song does not endorse the Wii, nor does it associate itself with urination or any other words that sound like or smell like wee.

p.p.s. Please can ya'll submit this to the Portal collection? That would be splendid, and would make my cheeks go all warm and fuzzy :3 Thanks


Not bad at all

The vid was good but...is missing something...i don't know =/

Nice collab.

I got 15 for the cube bouncing :D

Whats with that cake?

Its so deliscious and moist, but does it exist in the game? Neat menu, but the weee! song ain't as catchy as still alaive. Still quite entertaining.

Pretty good

The menu was smart.

Didn't really like it

It was less of a collaboration and more of a music video, and (almost) all the animations were just animated to match up with the music, not to be funny. Wait... was this suppose to be funny?

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4.03 / 5.00

Jan 2, 2009
3:53 PM EST
Music Video