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HMM: New Year 2009

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Holiday Mouse Maze: New Year 2009

Hey friends. Happy New Year too you all. Thanks for a fun year on Newgrounds. This year, I made a "Daily Mouse Maze" series in October. It also ended in October. Well, I'm making one last mouse maze, at least for know, that is. New years mean new features, right? In this mouse maze, I added an additional feature. It's the orange button. Instead of rushing over to the red button, you got to make some quick stops at the orange ones. When you find each orange button, the maze continues, and forms a word. The word is so long, (when made into a maze) that we need two mazes to fit it all. Enjoy the game. Happy New Year from your pal, Holonboy. Comments, questions? Just write a review but you already knew that!

Some of you might have noticed, but this was the first game on NG of 2009.

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make one for 2019 its cool tho


this game kicks ass and is challenging too...

Holonboy responds:



i know you waited until the new year ass.

Holonboy responds:

You're just saying that because you hate me!


congrat you have put the first flash of 2009 just for that i will give you 10:)

Holonboy responds:


6/10 3/5

well I'll give you a 6,becuase theres some bugs in the maze game.

1. theres a cheat. You can just left cick and hold.

2. Were does the orange button actally aers?

3. the last red button dirrpears when you go for it.

Holonboy responds:

I know theres a cheat. A lot of people tends to use that cheat. I don't get the second question. And the red button doesn't dissapear. Well, not when I played it.