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Simulation of Sonome MIDI

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Author Comments

SONOME - Design copyrighted and patented by Peter Davies
www.theshapeofmusic.com - On Sale for a Limited Time Only! Buy full version here!

Programmer's Notes:

- Most of the controls for this flash are just for show and do not actually do anything.
- Manipulate release (length of time sound plays after a key is released) with the second wheel. (This is for the simulation only. The actual wheel is assignable and is by default is a Mod Wheel.)

~ Nameless12345

Opal Chameleon Flash Simulation is (c) by Stephen Paul Smolley, 2008 - NEWGROUNDS ONLY VERSION! DO NOT STEAL!
Vertically, to the top, tones increase in 5ths.
Diagonally, to the top left, tones increase in Minor 3rds.
Diagonally, to the top right, tones increase in Major 3rds.
Any set of three touching keys will create a Major or Minor Triad.
A right-pointed triangle of keys produces a Major. (>)
A left-pointed triangle of keys produces a Minor. (<)

Click to play notes from the keypad.
The keys that will be played upon clicking are protruded slightly from the board.


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Pretty good stuff solid soundtrack this should be on mobile it would do pretty well. The game was well designed complete with switches and dials to complete its authenticity

A useful and responsive simulation!

This is an impressive intro to the Opal Chameleon MIDI Controller in its default tuning (Melodic Table), created and shared by Nameless12345 for no personal gain. A musical tool that's fun to explore. Where else can you try out those fast 'non-piano' sequences without buying the physical instrument, or before buying one? Great contribution. Has the capability to evolve too. That's what the remaining 2 points are for :)

Nameless12345 responds:

Thanks! :D

Pretty fun

You really did a nice job there, once you get a bit used to it you can almost create something that sound like a song. ^^ If you can really complete it, I bet it would be a instant hit!

My comments: it's not really hard to understand how it works, and I find it funny to play. But it doesn't offer much possibilities for now... WE WANT MORE!

Very nice

Actually quite fun to play around with and also, good organization of note types, could this be used for song creation?

Nameless12345 responds:

Actually, this isn't the finished version. I am planning on introducing features that will allow users to familiarize themselves with the actual physical instrument, with recording features and other systems to help teach fingering methods. Hopefully this will help market the instrument, as a viral marketing phenomenon.

just plain bad

there is absolutly no fun at all in this game like i dont want to sound like a dick head but blam this peice of INBRED CARROT SHIT

Nameless12345 responds:

You may want to try seeking games of a different genre. The title is a good representation of what to expect - a simulation of a midi controller. You've done a pretty good job of making yourself look stupid.

Credits & Info

4.55 / 5.00

Dec 27, 2008
11:55 PM EST