Call to moving company 2

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I call this guy all the time, he's starting to know me by my voice :D
Let me know if you want more, I call this guy all the time, I got tons haha.

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Prank call?

It's a bit difficult to judge a prank call submission to Newgrounds. No offense, but if you're just going to use plain audio, you should probably send this over to audio submissions. It doesn't look too attractive when it's really just one frame. Still, I should judge this of course more by the content and not any politics or whatever behind it. I was impressed how you kept talking about having sex with the chicken. I really had no idea where this was going or what it was even for but throwing in chickens is always a good idea.


Haha this is classic man got me cracking through the whole thing , keep it up!

herblin responds:

Thanks man! the comments like these make me want to keep it up :D

better than the first, however

I would rate this higher if you put some kind of visuals to it, it doesnt even have to be animated, just...something.

call a hindi-vegan restaurant, sure to get laughs there too.

herblin responds:

Visuals such asjust like images or something? Haha, I started animating one, by the time I got all the drawings done I had totally lost interest though :(

But putting up non animated visuals would be quite easy.
Anyways! Thanks for the 7 man!

yes o god yes haha

prank calls are always funny

herblin responds:

Thanks for the 8!

Oh god. Brilliance.

I can't tell you how amused I was at the first one, it was just so funny, but this one is way better! Far more hilarious! I don't know why he doesn't just hang up as soon as he realises who you are, but I'm so glad he doesn't. I sincerely hope you make more of these, they make my day whenever I listen to them. Seriously, I do feel a bit sorry for the guy, but from what I hear he doesn't suffer much from it. I wonder if he'll ever get his present. :/ I hope so! He could always use more chickens! Bravo.

herblin responds:

LMFAO thanks! ahha Naw I am not gog to mail him a chicken, I am usually to broke to buy grocerys for my self let alone mail him a chicken haha unless I stole it, then it'd be ok haha.

I know, I am supprised he doesn't just hang up as well, he's got some very serious anger problems! LMFAO

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Dec 26, 2008
6:53 PM EST
Comedy - Original