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Game of DEATH

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Well well well. Well. WELL. This is a Flash game that took me about 4 days. I wanted to submit it on Christmas Eve, and then Christmas, but never finished it. Ah well, I finally did. Keep this in mind. I wanted to make a game quick, and I didn't care how crappy it looked. As long as it was funny, decently long, and sort of hard. Well I'd say so. I'm sure most people won't agree, but it can't be helped...

Oh, and cut me some slack please. The animation is quite sloppy because drawing with the mouse is tedious, I don't have a tablet, I've had Flash for about 5 monthes, and have only used it for about 2, and I don't use tweens. Mkay?

This is a Point 'n Click style game. You choose a path for your character to go, and most likely end up dying. You will be attacked, escape a sinister house of death, climb the Dungeon of DEATH and ultimately DEFEAT SATAN HIMSELF... Try to get out alive. Oh, and leave a review please! Yes, I read and reply to them.

Oh, and Mass Murderer players will be in for a surprise... A nasty surprise...

Also, try to find all the endings!

Edit: The sequel shall be here soon...!


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It looks like crap...

not a bad attempt

could definitely use imporvement. the graphics for one. but i liked the humor,


not the best game but stil pretty funny :D

Emby responds:

Glad you liked.


at least you tried

Emby responds:

And someone else didn't.

Nice effort but..

Okay, the concept is pretty good and each scene that follows is pretty good. I liked the fact that there was humor in this as well. The effort you did shows by the variety of paths/events that happened.
One thing that completely kills it is the graphics/animation. It's pretty sloppy and could use a lot of improvement. Sometimes its so bad, you don't even know what happened but random lines appearing (no offense).
It would be also great to make it so that the paths you can choose would be more visible and clear instead of waving your mouse everywhere or the easier one of clicking tab. That was a big problem, especially with the graphics.

Emby responds:

I agree about the paths not being clear.

Thanks for the review...