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TBA - Time Trial #1

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Full title: TheBackAlleys Time Trial #1

Alright so I started this whole project in August and pretty much everyone was done in August with their parts. I never really got around to compile all that until Bug e-kicked me in my e-butt and I promised to him that I would release it sometime this week.

The topic of the first TBA Time Trial was this:
"Animate whatever it is you think of when you hear the phrase, 'Heads I win, Tails you lose' without making any reference to Two-Face or Batman you dumb faggot."

The theme was chosen by MRat.

Now I am REALLY sorry that I didn't make a part for the time trial and I am even more sorry that it took about 3 months to finish up, but I still hope you will like it.

The first part was made by Jeinu
Second part was made by Cambo
Third part was made by Bug

The music was made by HappyLeetGost (HLG or Armon) and RedMongoose

Menu and the poorly done credits were done by me. I am not really good at action script so excuse me that it's not super fancy with preloader games and all that kind of stuff.


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Nice work

And here once again I find one of those interesting and yet still entertaining flash entries, a good submission you have here, I was delighted with all the happenings and so-on. Nice work here great characters nice voice overs, and nice story here with some good animation, really good stuff here. Im not sure I saw any real negitive points needing improvment, most of this was pretty good so nice effort there, I do look forward to more of your works though, as this was notbad and kept me interested and didnt bore me, it was highly amusing, anyways keep up the decent flashworks. It was pretty good and I look forward to much more of your work.

So as above, this could be better. and here are some suggestions, tips and ideas that can only help to make your idea work even better then it is, so give it a thought. Here are a few tips and ideas on making this some what better. Some "STATIC" on the voices just a little you may want to clear that up some how.


Part one.

I like how every review that points out the second and third bits weren't as good gets marked "Useless." I have to agree, though. The first part was splendid. The second was nonsensical, but not in a "Ha ha just what the fuck" kind of way. The third broke the rules.

Up with the funny, down with the attempts at being non sequitur.

heads i win,tails you loose

that was hilarious.part 2 was hilarious.u should make more time trails

Psi43 responds:

Will be done. Someday. The theme is "Propaganda" (; .

New time trial?

I was surprised to hear something about a time trial. This has got to be the first time in like three years I've seen one of these! All in all, it was a good collab, though I do wish it was longer.

Pt 1 ruled

but pt 3 didn't fit in the assignment because it clearly resembled two-face.
part 2 was just boring
but part 1 was very funny withe the bored impressions of those 2 in the end bit
sorry but pt 2 and 3 pulled my rating down
to 7/10 3/5