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Pacman Attack

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Move with WASD or the arrow keys and click to shoot oncoming ghosts from the right while eating as much fruit as possible. The amount of ghosts attacking you will increase as you level up. Eat large pacdots to get a temporary score boost until you level up.

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so i was playing the game on easy and i said "THIS IS TOO EASY!!" so i played ahrd i was all like "basic i guess...NOT" (i mean that its easy) and then when i got to fkn nuts i was like okay?... then when i got a couple more seconds in i was like "HOW COULD YOU WIN TO THIS SHT!?"


fkn nuts is fkn nuts

good job

mercygames responds:

haha yeah

i agree

you should be able to eat the ghost when they are blue

mercygames responds:

Yeah, bu then you wouldnt have to move to eat them! I'll work on it.


hey, I think you did a good job on this. yeah, the wall part was slightly annoying, but I'm guessing that's fixable. I love the idea too. What kinda bugged me was the music loop, maybe 'cause it was a little too loud, but once again, it's only a minor thing. Love the idea, and keep it up.

mercygames responds:

Thanks man will do!

pretty good

only problem was the large dots that you eat should let you eat the enemy

mercygames responds:

I thought that would make it too easy since they come right at you. You wouldnt have to move to eat them. But I will work out something. Thanks.