Castlevania RoR: Alucard vs Richter

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to Rhapsody of Ruin, a semi-canonical story based on the two main characters of CastleVania SOTN (PSX Version), mostly focusing on an over elaborate sprite fight as opposed to actual story telling.

I hope fans of the game enjoy this flash - It's definitely not perfect but I'm still very proud. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who has supported this movie over the years!



I see you put an immense amount of effort in this flash movie. The animation is absolutely flawless! The effects are fitting and you made sure that each attack is used equally often. Adding voices was a good idea but I am not sure if the story will profit by it. By the way, keep that position of the camera. Zooming in any further would ruin the look of the characters.

Looking forward to the next part!

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RopeDrink responds:

Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed it :)

Ahh, fresh, locally-grown nostalgia...

In general, I like sprite movies more the less they break with the established mechanics of the original game. So the swordplay and whip-play was perfect, grabbing Richter was great, throwing the shield, less-so. Though, I suppose SOTN makes liberal use of rotation so it's not *too* jarring. Overall I was impressed with some of the special effects here. You really nailed the blood, holy water, and statue break-out, I felt like.

In terms of scripting and staging, it was a great success. You used the limited (and somewhat questionable) sound bytes from the original game to fairly decent effect. In any case, it felt slightly less forced than it sounds when you're playing the game. It's those pauses for player input, I think. They really do break the flow.

I thought the choreography was pretty good, actually, the one exception being Richter's knife attack when it hits Alucard. That and I might have made him crouch while riding the chunk of masonry down into the pit below, because then you could have made his cape pillow in the wind. :)

But yeah, most of the choreography actually made me think this is the way the characters from the game would fight. I liked the close-up combat the best, because without any cheap tricks like rotating the characters unnaturally, you managed to make it look like a real close-up rapid-fire kung-fu fest.

Granted, it wasn't the single most awesome sprite combat sequence I've ever seen on Newgrounds, no, but it did manage to avoid a lot of the really stupid cheap hacks (vector blood, constant character rotation for no reason, general fake-ness,) that ruin 90% of sprite movies for me.

So yeah. Good effort, good production values, reasonably like the game to fulfill nostalgia purposes without breaking the fourth wall too often, yet decently more involved and integrated than actual video game footage. Overall, nice work, and if we are indeed at the forefront of another sprite movement, I look forward to seeing more works at least this good.

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RopeDrink responds:

Now THATS a well constructed review, one I really appreciate - Thank you very much for the depth and points - Really glad you liked it :)


This movie have all that needs to be best sprie movie.That means awesome sprite fighting, good battle music, character voices, exelent optimization, great menu.I am little angry at you because you used Vergil Battle.mp3, and I wanted same song in my sprite movie.Keep it up.

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RopeDrink responds:

Don't let it stop you using it... It is an absolute amazing track, and I'm sure my movie won't do awesomely well so nobody will notice if you use it :)

And thank you for the review :)

Great sprite movie.

I have to say you did really great in making this. I don't see any flaws. So don't worry about anything. People want to see more so you did a fantastic job.

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RopeDrink responds:

Thank you very much ^^

Agreed 20 fold

I agree with R1665 we may be in a presence of another Sprite Renaissance and I am assured you will be one of the ones leading it if ya can keep it up. :) I hope you can.

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RopeDrink responds:

Wow, well I wouldn't say that - I certainly had fun making this but so much of it (to me, maybe being overly critical as it's what I made) seems choppy and story-wise I must have been a fool to think I could get away with a) Using official sound to b) Tell a non-official story (I have a pet-hate for using text to change a story, like chat etc)

ie. It's far from perfect, but it's my first so thats expected I suppose - Bah, always self-depreciating - I should just say "Thank you very much!" and shut up :)

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