Where the Missing Sock Go

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We all know the story. You put 12 socks in the laundry and you come out with 11. It doesn't make sense and it's not right. So I spent many months studying this phenomenon and trying to figure out where the missing socks really go. I couldn't, so instead, I made this movie. I hope this movie will make you root for a sock like you never thought you could.

I made this animation for a class at UC Berkeley (interestingly enough in the architecture department). I already knew how to animate and used the class as a way of putting aside time to animate. It actually turned out to be way more work then I suspected (or should have known) and it was very difficult to balance this, other classes, work, social life, etc. But I did it! For the class, I spent basically the entire semester on this one project. I hope you enjoy it because it was a ton of work, I never want to do a project this long again.

I read all reviews and respond to most so leave one!

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So that is where socks go

I liked this flash,the animation was great and i loved all the music you had here,seeing the sock come alive and crawling around like a worm was funny in a weird way plus the music theme at the time helped too,overall this was a cute flash to watch and i enjoyed it very much.

OxSox responds:

Thanks for the review!

according to ren and stimpy

All the missing left socks are within another dimension accessible via black hole :D

Still I really liked this animation, even if it doesn't have ren and stimpy's obviously superior scientific backing. :D

OxSox responds:

Actually that theory is in the pre-loader more or less. Which is kinda crazy because I didn't think I was stealing it from Ren and Stimpy. Kinda of makes me wonder how many of my "original" ideas were actually in TV shows I watched as a kid :/


he gulped. loool.

An interesting point of view. That's one nice thing of an interesting story.

OxSox responds:

Thanks for the review!

Ah... so that's what happens.

Well, this makes total sense now.

Anyway, the animation was fun. A great silent adventure. The frame by frame work was good, a tad choppy at bits but otherwise good.

Great work though!

OxSox responds:

Thanks for the review! I basically agree with you on the fbf. It was a big thing I was working on in the animation and I think doing the movie helped me improve my style. Not to pad myself on the back or anything but I thought I really nailed the ogre swinging the club though, I think that may be my best fbf to date.


i like the idea of a magical explanation of why my one of my socks is missing sometimes, but lets face it, it doesn't make much sense but its alright, i liked the story about the struggles that you have to go to before you could reach you're destination, really liked it , would have given it a higher score, if the design of the characters and the background was drawn better, anyway it was good but needed improvement

OxSox responds:

Thanks for the review, I know my artwork is what separated this animation from being above average and great. I wish I was a better artist, but the only way to improve is keep making movies, right?

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4.34 / 5.00

Dec 19, 2008
12:45 PM EST