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Vektor Shipht

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Author Comments

If you own a flash portal, please feel free to host my game Vektor Shipht on your portal! Vektor Shipht supports 9 different languages.

Vektor Shipht is a fun mouse-avoider game which uses cumulative inertia as movement. Not only do you have to move the mouse to avoid enemy bubbles, but your mouse movement also determines where your spike will attack enemy bubbles. Can you manage to balance these two goals well enough to take the top ten score list?

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Godd, but can be improved

I loved the gameplay style, I have never seen that sort of thing before. It was pretty intuitive and fun.
The only things that bother me about this game are the graphics and the slow speed. You could have improved the graphics a bit, make a few backgrounds, and switch them when the levels changed, as is usual with this sort of game.

The gameplay was too slow. It would be excellent if you could make it a bit faster - even the "round 1" text took too much time to go down the screen! =p
I think that could be solved if you made the bubbles move faster and kept the player's bubble string shorter, so it was easier to control.

I look forward to your next games!

Tenko2 responds:

Graphics are my weakness. For some odd reason I just make ugly games. I'm mainly a coder.

The slow gameplay effects me, too, but most others who play report that they get the normal speed. If you download the swf from this direct link and open it in flash player instead of a web browser, you can bypass the speed bug.



Sorry but the French traduction is complete Sh**. You use an internet traductor dont ya? Try not relying on them they translate word by word and dont modify sentences structures correctly. Anyway good game.

Tenko2 responds:

I did, I figured there would be bad translations but I didn't think it would be that bad. I used SysTran's software for the French language. Apparently their program isn't that good at French.


In the instrucion screen, the background was black. in the actual game it was white which made it very hard to see the bubbles. If I'm guessing right you were relying on the "autobackround " which will notoriously show up as white on many browsers. (And yes I have the most recent release of flashplayer). You should always manually add your background layer. other than that you have an ok game.

Tenko2 responds:

I was using autobackground, and thanks for letting me know about that. I'll make sure to fix that in future games.

more languages, smart done

at first, different languages, this is the first game here i played WHIT different languages, so congrats! to bad there is not dutch language"snickers" cuss im dutch:), anyway:

music: 10/10 very good that sound rlly was great. enjoyed it and played better on it.
animation: 9/10 very good animation whit high graphics. also very fun to let the ball'n chain slash away.
gameplay: 9/10 a very good workd-out game that will be added in my list.

conclusion: 9, the lots off lives on easy makes it longer and better playable.

Tenko2 responds:

I should have included Dutch, sorry about that.
And thanks for the good rating! I did work a lot on this game.
Ik wens dit wij windmolens hier hadden.


it is a nice avoider game
but next time add ranged weapons
the animation is good
no bugs and glitches
good proggraming
FX is great
keep up the good work

Tenko2 responds:

Thanks for the good rating!
I considered adding auto-targeting phaserblasts but the game seemed too easy already. If you're really good you can avoid losing any lives during each level, collect X hearts, then spend those X hearts on killing the boss.

Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2008
2:28 PM EST