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There She Is!! final step

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Hi, this is amalloc of SamBakZa.

This is the last episode of "There She Is!!" series.
I'm very happy for that I can completed this series as I thought.

"There She Is!!" was not a series when I make first one.
I didn't have any plan to make this as a series.
I surprised at all the letters, reviews, cheers, donations, fan arts and the others!!
It make me to draw more "There She Is!!".

So, thank you very much to NG, Tom, and all fans.
Thank you for giving me happy 5 years.

I hope you have a good time with this short animation.
The full title is "There She Is!! final step - Imagine"

(12/20) ======================
Thank you very much for the front page!! (so fast @_@)
Thank you very much for all the reviews!!
Thank you very much for all the score!!

... My English is useless like this time. All I can say is "Thank you very much!!" ;;;
Anyway, Thank you very much NG and all reviewers!!


So a great series ends???

and I'm sad about that but I love a great story. When I saw the first one, I wasn't too sure about it. Then number 2,3, and 4 came out and I saw how well the music mixes with the animation and you were telling a story? I'm just happy to see something like this and love it. I hope that you had a great time making it as much as I love watching it. Great Job to all of you and hope that something else is coming in the future!!!

Best Animation of its time

We have seen many of our favorite shows go away over the years... You were able to keep people's hopes alive with this animation... This animation taught us all a valueable lesson on true love... We the Fans are touched your the bearing of your soul and passion to design such an thrilling and entertaining love story... SamBakZa You have shown us all how animation can turn out so good if you take your time... I am truly great for this wonderful seris and i hope to see more things even more immpressive from our other top animator in the future... I Mean Really this has to be one of the Best Animations of all time... Tom you Should Congragulate SamBakZa and Give Him A Picture Autograph Saying Something About All His Hard Work That him and all his Buddies Did To Make This... -You have Been Reviewed By: Tommygun -Journalism Critic

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You've done what many have tried and failed.

You've created an awesome flash with a solid story line. The message in each is clearly seen. The creative flow of each flash has very well opened the eyes of all that have watched. Even though there are some out there that hate you or your work, it's not because of your work, they realise that they'll never be able to match up to the exculsiveness of this great flash. Complete 10 out of 10 my friend. Hope to see more great work like this from you. ^_^


Just simply AMAZING!

A great ending...

To a great animation and story this is got to be one of the best series around even if you don't like the style or fact its animals the animation and story are great and the music fits well with it. Great job.

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4.46 / 5.00

Dec 18, 2008
6:57 AM EST
Music Video
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