Armed with Wings 2

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EDIT: Thank you Tom for the frontpage!!! You too, are Armed with Wings....

Embark on a journey to reclaim your lost throne, seeking out the 4 Blades of Eden. Its destructive power is the key to defeating the new emperor, Armed with Wings.

Journey across 5 worlds, do battle with 5 bosses, seize the Blades of Eden and use its destructive power too your success in this enormous game.

An enormous amount of work went into making this game. I hope you all enjoy it. Instructions are ingame.

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These games have been nostalgic for several years and I always look back on them fondly for the puzzles and combat.

well it was going really well until the game broke and its now a blank screen,

i was on the power jump part on tutorial lmao

i love the music its calm and the humor in this is unreal.

like how you press X and it does a really funny kick also when you run omg the run is so funny!

the colours are lovley and dull/calm matches the theme, song and atmosphere

Great game you said "I did not escape. I wall killed" before the finale boss and he was too easy. and in the finale screen I escaped by jumping over the wall

Collision detection is horrible, "hero's" movement and platform jumping – even worse xD
I have played all 3 episodes only because of the story mode and also cutscenes with nice graphics and animation.
This episode is my favourite. Fighting here is much better and music fits so good. Without collision and movement problems this game could be so great. And I hope it will be some day. And with more story.
Keep up a good work. Cheers! :)

Wow! What a improvement from the first one, the gameplay is so much better and refined with a free and wide open combo design. the levels are better designed and the scenario style is better made witch so much better defined structures, now it has real bosses, a really functional fighting gameplay and the storytelling is well made and more enjoyable with the use of animated cutscenes, dialogues and a more worked script, altought the music is still not original, is quite better, my only complain about it is that somethimes it clashes with the style of the game and it's pretty uninmmersive, but in general is a good choice. It's a pretty good game, i'd play it more than once, highly recommended

D-SuN responds:

Thanks! You should totally check out the other AwW games too. Armed with Wings Rearmed is in Steam Early Access!

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4.32 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2008
10:02 PM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler