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This game can cause seizures to epileptics players.


Based on a very simple concept at started.

Just avoid ennemies coming from top of screen with a quadri-directionnal ship.
Your score increase with time, but you can make it faster in taking strange "Morpher", little balls which arrive from left and right.

So easy, isn't it? Right, if only balls hadn't stranges effects which... spice the party.



Arrow Keys : Move your ship
P : Pause

That's all !


Last Update : 23/12/08

- 6 Playing Mode based on difficulty : Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane
and orientation : Area Only or Visual Only.
- 13 New effects from Morph, 6 Area effect, 5 Visuals effects and 2 Specials effects
- A part of Bug removed and upgrading of hitBoxing (Allready for Beta Test Morph Form)
- Possibility to disable the music
- Score upgrading. Remove the too much score rising to a new way more logic.

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while this definately could have been a good game

but the execution was off. it just didn't quite captuer it for me
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it isnt fair !!! (too much hamburger+front wind)

holy crap!!

i started playing at 9:10 and then when i lost 1 round it wuz 9:40!!!
great game when ur bored or not

Great game

Very innovative and much variety.
I liked the graphics and randomness.
Especially with the game and watch.
Great work!

Good effects; Definitely worth playing!

I like the concept of this game: everything changes to test your perception as you progress, and the higher the difficulty, the more intense it gets! The effects are very nice; I liked the movement of the "Game and watch" effect. My favorite one was the "I'm windows" one; made me laugh quite a bit (even though I am a Windows user myself).

The only thing that kept this from getting a 10 was the fact that some of the "Skill" effects were a bit too strong at certain intensities (particularly the "your world turn over" effect), but otherwise, this is an easy to learn yet challenging game that anyone can use to test their perception skills.

My High scores are as follows for each difficulty level:

Easy: 487
Normal: 205
Hard: 126
Insane: 21
Skill: 27
Visual: 89

Credits & Info

4.39 / 5.00

Dec 17, 2008
7:21 PM EST
Skill - Avoid