Crazy Apple

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This is my first flash submission to newgrounds and my fourth flash game. I'm rookie at flash and actionscript.

I made this flash in three weeks.

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Wonderful Game

The controls and physics were wonderful, the concept was good enough, I had no issues with graphics or music either. The game almost felt like an old Sonic game, how some parts of some levels you just had to run straight through and you would get by obstacles automatically. It never felt like it was ripped off from Sonic though and that's why I really have no suggestions for improvement.

pretty fun, but punctuality fault :P

sorry to be boring, but put "hold down a key" as "hold down "a" key".... I thoguth you meant hold a (as in any) key to run, and wanderd why he was going so slow :P good little flash for fourth attempt though :)

crazy apple heh

I loved the animations but the physics engine was a little flawed cuz gravity seemed to be uniform and not an acceleration


It was really nice, the platform concept and scripts worked well, not as good as a Super Professional Scripter Dude! but well. The apple could float for a moment if you kept pressing the up arrow key over and over again xD. And for last, you might need a storyline, I mean, yeah its an apple... but... I dunno... why is it running like hell through stages? There must be a background story at least.
P.S. I Loled whenever the apple died xD

A Good Base For A Game

If you carried on developing your skills with scripting and developed the concept of this game it could turn out pretty good, although a certain degree of repetitiveness occurs, i enjoyed the change in pace with the car level. maybe adding an attack or power-up scheme, or even a health gauge opposed to a one-hit-kill scenario.
fun otherwise, found myself playing till i got to the end of the level, addictive :D