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Energy and Motion Test

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Dec 14, 2008 | 8:29 PM EST

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I made it for a project in school and I thought "why not post it on newgrounds?" so it will have the book chapter in the corner and it says period under name and date. whatever you type in there is something that i dont care.....i think that made sense...[edit] I Added Music!



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My friend

This guy is my friend and he made this for a science project,


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I personally liked it but...

the ghosts of my still living college professors mandate that I argue semantics a little, starting with my pet peeve. In the 2.3 matching section: the second option (and I do very much hate the force making me do this) you described force as a size when the proper term is "magnitude"... I forgive that assuming that you are a middle school kid. As for the true false section, I give this example "two objects of different mass/inertia are being pushed by equal force but traveling at different speeds" the wording for the "great mass requires greater force" question bothered me because I have worked with and had to calculate every kind of friction known to man (some requiring fourth derivatives... its a calculus thing). Don't take this personally, its just that you'll probably get why this bothers me so much when your older and know more about science. On that note, Newton's first law may seem simple but for your very second question on the quiz narrows it down to extremely simple logic when I honestly believe that I could argue in a college environment that both B & C can be applied to Newton's first law, I admit it is a bit of a stretch but it is the fundamental concept of inertia that makes me believe I can do it.

I hope I didn't come off as a condescending ass (and that second question issue was just luck on your part). I liked what you did and keep it up, its just that I am actually a bit of a condescending ass.


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Would be really cool if instead of just having an answer key it would show you which questions you missed. The name should probably say Physics: Energy and Motion quiz instead, since there is nothing on it besides Energy and Motion.
Now that I went back and looked at the Q's and A's, I was wondering where you got the answer to the last one? Newtons Third law would be more for describing the Conservation of Momentum than it would actual Momentum. I would think his first law on Inertia (Mass) would more closely relate Momentum (Mass*VelocitySquared). Although you probably got it out of your Middle School science book, just seems like its open to a little bit more interpretation. (In Physics in school currently).


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Learned this earlier this school year in CP physics 9.
Ez stuff


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The test could use some backround music though, something calm and contemplative, as well as simple sfx for button hits

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jf5696 responds:

done! and thanks for the review