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AYO is an ancient game from Nigeria, Africa

Pick up stones from your side of the sand and drop them one by one, going around in a circle.
If you're last drop is on the other guy's side and it's in a pit with 1 or 2 stones, then you get the pit!
Try to outmaneuver you're opponent to collect the most stones!

Please enjoy one of my first games,
I'm very welcome to any comments you may have!


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Worked pretty well it did need more options such as a skip turn button but other than that was neat


First time I've seen this transferred to flash. It all played out well, except at the end. I had no pieces on my side, and there was no "Skip turn" option, so I was stuck. But the score was 13 - 0 so I'm pretty sure he couldn't have won anyways :D
So this really needs a way to skip your turn, and have the game end when you have over half the pieces.

AnteMax responds:

You're right, someone else broughtthis up I think. I should really finish it, but I'm tired and these Greek riots are more interesting.


This is called Mancala


Is this the same as mancala, I used to play it as a kid, but I don't know if this is the same or a little different? It's been a long time

AnteMax responds:

Yeah, its a very old old game and it goes by different names. In Nigeria it often goes by "Ayo", which means "Joy". in Ghana it often goes by "Awaré", but I dunno what that means. I learned it as Ayo when I was a kid.

Couldn't finish

Fun game, but I couldn't finish it because near the end of the game all of the pieces were on the computers side so I couldn't move; but game didn't end or anything. Kind of reminds me of mancala.