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Punkin Shoot Reloaded

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Author Comments

After a prolonged period of time it is finally done. Join Cletus and Jug in this new installment of Punkin shoot. I have added a huge amount of content since the original. Can you score 400 points? Good luck.

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320 Points - I'm not that bad

This game isn't the worst game that I've ever played, but it does need some work - the random nature of the projectiles is good, as you have to move the mouse in order to hit something, rather than just timing it, like you had to the last time.7

Perhaps Clarice can throw from the other side, when she appears in the later levels, as this would add to the confusion and sort out the button mashers from the proper shooters.

I think that you've taken this game along nicely and that you now need to come up with a button that allows you to mute the music, as without that, you can get into the 'hick' way of thinking a bit more than at the moment.

A little more work on drawing the pumpkins would help as well.

[Review Request Club]

Lord-Of-Lazyness responds:

I did not really think about having Clarice throw from other side(I feel like I ripped off the player when I did not add more levels though). Yeah I should have put a mute button, in my rush to get it completed I left out a few things :(. Thanks for the review.

Improved quite a lot

You improved quite a lot from the first version of this game. It seems that the speed is lower in the first few levels now, but it still gets insanely fast later on. The mouse just moves to slow to keep up with the pumpkins.

The graphics are decent, nothing too great here, but not bad either.
I liked the music you chose for the levels. It kept me entertained and fitted the theme quite well.

The voice acting is funny and pretty good, even though the voices get overpowered by the music a bit.

Overall, you have improved a lot from the previous version, but there's still room for even more improvements. ;)

{ Review Request Club }

Lord-Of-Lazyness responds:

Yeah it could use more improvements, but I'm taking it one step at a time. I doubt I will make another, not entirely sure. Thanks for the review.

Good improvements.

Animation/Graphics - Hmm, if my memory serves me right it wasn't too much different than your last version of this game. For the most part the graphics were perfectly fine. Perhaps a little bit mediocre, but there isn't much room for improvement with the style of game you were making in my opinion. For the most part things were pretty well organized and everything. The animation was also pretty smooth and I didn't have any troubles while shooting the objects or anything. The seemed to explode on time also.

Story/Content - Hmm, again this is where you improved from the last one. You added a bunch of things to shoot. I noticed that the store had two things and you couldn't buy the one thing. The other thing was a new gun and it doesn't really do anything does it? Also, you should be able to buy this gun unless you have the score for it. You can buy this gun at anytime, which means that if you don't have the score it will just subtract a little bit from you.

For some reason a couple of the objects in the instructions, descriptions, and in the background could be shot for points both positive and negative. I'm not sure if you meant to do that or not, but it's a nice little way of "cheating" to get your score higher.

I don't think I have too much to talk about on things that you could improve upon except for trying to master upgrades and trying to make it so you can actually lose the game by perhaps making it so if you don't get a certain score that you lose and you can't continue. If you did do this than obviously I didn't score low enough to find out. :P

Audio - The sound effects were alright. The background music was pretty fitting for the flash also. The voices were a nice addition, but perhaps making them a little bit clearer because at times I can't really understand what they are saying. They aren't that bad though. Perhaps adding some voice overs where the instructions are could add to the quality of the flash also.

Overall - I will give you a couple of bonus points because of your obvious improvement on the game from the last one that you made. Keep up the good work and good luck on future projects.

~ Review Request Club ~

Lord-Of-Lazyness responds:

Yes unfortunately I did have trouble with mastering power ups, though the game turned out better then I hoped*after fixing it*. Naturally I missed a few bugs after a couple of hours of debugging. I completely forgot to put in the losing code, I focused on the last bit of game more(which I had done this throughout the game) it might have been better(this was done over a few months, naturally I thought of better ideas later thus the beginning is not as good). I used the voices from the original Punkin shoot(yes I fit my user name here, did not want make many more).

Thanks for the review.

Not great.

There could have been a decent game here, you sure have the right intentions - I just feel everything went to quickly and had poor graphics. It was quite fun while it lasted, I just hope you can improve upon it. Keep up the work.

Kind regards -

Lord-Of-Lazyness responds:

Yeah it goes by rather fast, although I wouldn't consider the graphics poor*mediocre maybe*. Hopefully I can improve even more*considering this is a vast improvement from the first*, however I will discontinue the Punkin Shoot series for the moment and attempt to move onto to other projects.

Thanks for the review.

as per your request

Welllll, gack. Sorry but something about this game is really rather "gack"

First the good: I must admit, the voice acting wasn't all that bad except for some "grainy" issues. I also like how the rukes got flipped around close to the end as pink objects had reversed scores.

Now the Bad: Your is quite possibly the worst organized game I've ever seen. As evidence to this right at the beginning of the game i clicked on the shop and found only two buttons worked (or maybe there simply were only two buttons and the rest was decoration?) I could buy the new boom-stick (which was no improvement over the current) and I could get back to shooting. But Once i did, it seemed I'd reached the final level and had to start over. After retrying and clicking the right buttons, I could move one, but then I was told the shop was open now? wasn't it already open? there are several other things like that that really hurt the experience.

Way too difficult. Remember "Duck Hunt". How slow the birds were. That should be a first level. The game starts slow, and easy to ease the player into the controls, then it gets harder to test his skills. Your game expects that I have the point and shoot abilities of a 4 year Halo vet as soon as the game starts. There's Challenge, then there's brutality-murdering-impossible. Your game is the latter.

Glitch! your game has some serious mouse tracking issues that need looking into. Also, are you aware that at one point, during an intermission, we can shoot the pumpkin juice sitting on the fence, loose ten points, and gain no identifiable effect. Why? to trick newbies into lowering a score?

No identifiable effect. When I bought that new gun (and went to negative 30) i found that i stile had to shoot single shots, still had no spread even though it was a shot gun, and still had trouble hitting pumpkins. Why buy the gun at all? Whats the point? Also, I can fail at every one of Cletus's tasks and not die or anything, but if i click the "ignore" button, I get pastried to death? I understand it was a joke, but just interupts the flow of the game.

Liar. Your friend says he'll throw something different every time, but he doesn't, he just throws more of the same. Sure eventually pink versions come out but those aren't something different, they're just things pretending to be different. And that one of the biggest problems, I got bored shooting the same things all the time.

Recommendations: Mix it Up. Make different backgrounds to shoot against, make ore things to shoot (and none of that pink version crap). Get crazier guns, and crazier rewards. The longer a game changes the more I am likely to play it.

Upgrades & Power ups. Games like this are always much more fun when i shoot a special target and get rewarded for it. This would make the game so much more interesting rather than gain-point lose-point objects. Also, If i buy a better gun in the shop, it better be a better gun.

Clean it up. Your graphics as of now are only functional. Try making things look nicer, and more refined. Your targeting reticule is an ugly silver triangle. Why not cross hairs, or maybe some focusing lights, maybe a laser pointer, the possibilities are endless.

Difficulty. I already said this game was hard, but you've said that you like challenge. Well a lot of us don't. Most of us enjoy easy. If you want it to be hard, make a hard setting but have the regular game be easy or normal.

it seems like a lot I'm sure but I'm not being an ass, I'm just saying what I see

as asked for on the Review Request Forum.

Lord-Of-Lazyness responds:

The shop and the ignore button originally were organized, however I attempted to add various power ups and actually give the gun a spray. This ended horribly making me go through it for 4 hours correcting so many action script problems that I deleted it and tried to put it all back together again.

Yes I know of some of the glitches, I had issues attempting to fix them(the shop for exmaple), however I never noticed the mouse tracking issues. Always worked fine when I shot at the punkins.

The cursor is what I wanted to be unique, having you looking down the end of a shotgun barrel*never looked like one though* I agree with the new gun not having improvements except for being a bigger cursor(as I said before I attempted, failed and tried to put it all back together)

Thanks for the review.

Credits & Info

4.34 / 5.00

Dec 14, 2008
2:25 PM EST