Ultimate Labyrinth 2

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This is a sequel (obviously) to Ultimate Labyrinth. There are many differences. In fact, if it weren't for me telling you, and having them share the same name, you might never realize that they are related at all.

1) UL 2 has actual graphics!!!
2) UL 2 has moving enemies, and treadmills.
3) Portals DON'T all lead to the same place.
4) Better Music

Now you see why this took so long! Thanks to everyone who helped!!! (See in game credits for a list of people)


Arrow keys to move (hold to keep moving/slide across movement arrows)
space to open the in game menu

get to the yellow square

for a full tutorial, play the first Ultimate Labyrinth

go to my website, in the downloads section you can download a .Zip file of a ton of level submissions


LVL8 is so annoying.
Delete the level plz

Good so far...

Was level 2 edited? ... and Midnight Mission? Level 2 is too easy now, and MM is too hard...

Also, Lucky is a terrible level. Well, pretty much any level with 500 portals is bad. I almost decided not to come back to the game after spending too many minutes on Lucky.

Anyway, I like how it turned out and I hope people like my levels. 4/5, 8/10, favorite.

Can't beat Challenge 1... beat the others first...

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Zoranan responds:

I know, the first challenge is hard. Ive only beat it once. I didn't edit any of the levels.


Great except for the one level that is full of portals and cant get to the goal but actually i got it so all the challenges i say the other 3 challenges there is quite tricky especially the "lesson of avoidance". well i still got it all.
maybe u can improve the graphics of the enemy and box you control. well 10/10


Perfect: Gameplay, style, presentation, layout.
Could use work: Graphics (just the player, which could have changed colors, etc.), and the fact that many of the levels were reliant on luck.
Otherwise, you have an amazing game right here! PS: This totally lays my ornament game to waste :(

Zoranan responds:

Thanks, Its not as hot as I hoped it would be, but its ok. The only real thing I saw wrong with ur ornament game is that it doesn't have smooth motions. There are tutorials for "Easing motion" or "Easing cursor" you could apply to the moving squares and the ornament. That is how I made the character move smoothly across the board, yet remain grid based.

You're on to something here

I liked the game but you may need to go back to drawing board with some of the design. It's simple and addictive, but the randomness of the portals can be troublesome. I couldn't pass level 16 because every time I would come out of the same portal I went in, only to get hit by a spiked ball. I did it many times and finally just got fed up and quit. There also needs to be instructions. This is a good concept and it quite entertaining but still needs some work. I'm looking forward to your next submission.

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Zoranan responds:

Thanks for the advice! last time all portals led to the same place... to predictable... so I made it random, now everyone hates it... the public can be fickle...

Level 16 only has 2 portals... It doesn't usually take more than 2 or 3 tries on that level for me or my friends... you must have been unlucky...

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3.96 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2008
3:12 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle