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Wow I got a 3.00! Thanks Newgrounds for the great response to this, I'll be sure to make ABT 2 a LOAD more helpful for all of you! I also added API, please click on the adds (I like moneh!!!)

This is my Advanced Buttons Tutorial (ABT), it should be very helpful and easy enough to understand, if not, PM me with some questions and I'll be sure to give you my best answer. I plan to work on a ABT 2 soon, stay tuned ;)

Enjoy :]

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lol haha !!!

if u really want to see advanced button - which means layered alpha and a whole lot of filter effects packed into it - then look over here =P

http://www.freewebs.com/snowclouds/st uff.htm

i havent made a preloader yet - but this is jus to show u - u need more alphas and stuff

i learned all these when i was in early grade 8 !!

smile !

Jucom responds:

Thats your opinion on buttons.

yea, helpful

i liked to watch it... but i don't really do anything with flash submissions :D

Jucom responds:

You should, it's really quite rewarding.


this tutorial is useless everyone has button tutorials and compared to others this one aint anything good

Jucom responds:

That was a USELESS review.

(title in work)

Eh, there are definitely a bunch of much better button tutorials out there. The content in this is a little sketchy. I think you need to go more into the AS part of this and explain it a bit more. If I were making my first button, I'm sure the AS here would be a bit puzzling.

Also, might want to go with a more interesting color scheme than black and white next time.


great info but maby next time you should put it in as a movie. Not a game.

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Dec 12, 2008
10:36 PM EST