Danmaku Legend II

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Second shooter game from CCS

Warning: Contain Extreme Bullet Hell Scene
Unsuitable for those allergic to bullet hell.

This one is a mix of touhou and Space Wing(?)
enjoy XD

Note: Be sure to read the help document!
Survival tip inside!

p/s if someone can clear HARD mode No Continue, he/she must be a touhou guru...XD

edit: check out some youtube video game play:
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=D2tT-A3eImk

edit 9.11.02: The new Legend 3 in the making, eta unknown. the game will coded in AS3 which killing me for learning... lol



The mid-boss in stage two reminded me of Cirno from Touhou 6: EoSD, and the third mid-boss was like that chinese girl i never remember the name of -.-
Sorry, my touhou knowledge isn't that great, i got the games about 4 days ago, and i'm hooked

10/10 it was awesome


This is an amazing danmaku game, easier than Touhou, but still hard in a fun way. I can see a lot of resemblance to Touhou as well. I think I even see Alice Margatroid's spell card: "Blue Sign-Benevolent french Dolls." All around, a superb game, but there was a lag problem (that's the only real flaw.)

oh noes

well is une of the bettters of this style that i have ever played but the thing bad is that moment when my screen is totally bullets its pretty hard and good when happens but the game slow themselves i would have thinked in review 9/10 but that is not yours is my computers fault

(laggy english? sorry i originally talk spanish)

very good game

good shooter. I bet you're tired of hearing this, but it reminded me of Touhou, I had several "OH SH*T THE SCREEN IS COVERED IN BULLETS!!!!" moments, and I liked how bombs also counted as sheilds, and erased a good bit of the bullets on screen. Good game, make a sequel, and change it up a bit. I will admit it was kind of easy, I only used one continue, and it was a little short... that's why it's a 9, and not a 10 for me. Graphics were good, and it seemed touhou- ish in the aspect that you COULD slow yourself down deliberately by firing if you wanted to, but I think you should give people the option to slow themselves down manually.

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CLOUND responds:

Thanks for that...
this game is scripted in AS1 so some feature is really hard to implement... like the slow down option.

Very VERY close to Touhou

I throughly enjoyed the game and was laughing when I was able to recognize some of the patterns...God I had that Red/Blue Oni Pattern! SUPERB WORK! It would be nice if the bosses "talked" though then I would purely be satisfied.

CLOUND responds:

Thank you for appreciate it...

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4.19 / 5.00

Dec 11, 2008
8:28 AM EST
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight