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Rockem Blocks

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Swap places of block in such a way to have at least three of the same kind next to one another (horizontally or vertically). You are only allowed to swap blocks that are next to each other.


I like how this game works!

I like games like these if only because they're so simplistic, and it's not that hard to get ahead (at least it isn't that hard in theory) but I wanted to add that it was very satisfying when I was able to get a bunch of them down at one time and get a ton of points from it. It had everything you could ask for in a game like this.

iphone ver

I find this site - http://rockemblocks.com/ Version for iPhone . I like this

What it is????

this games reason for being? I mean, it's essence, what it truly is in itself?

Apart from being that which will change everything, rescue humanity from the idiotic baby jesus and unleash the grinch on xmas to make earth a better habitat for upper and lower primates alike.

You sir, have my endorsement. I am no senior editor though. Nope, just a lowly slubsponge in a shlump.

Peace out...


it was a good game, not a whole of room for improvement, maybe some diferent music though that was driving me crazy! :P


I liked the blocks, alot.
The game itself was fun, but it's already been done.
Overall this is great, awesome job.

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4.27 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2008
3:52 AM EST
Puzzles - Falling