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Locker Room

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Gather items and use them to escape the Locker Room.

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Very Good

Ha ha ha, quite enjoyable. Good graphics & decent puzzles. However, I'm going to ding it for Locker #3. There was no way of knowing whether or not you were punching the buttons. Plus, the problem solving was a bit uneventful. The Bats were cute & menacing lol. Great job & hope to see more from you.

Holy crap...

I'm stuck @ the part with the box for numbers in the locker >< And I don't wanna cheat LMAO.
This is hard :/


wow the link doesn't work so i was left puzzling hmm what to do. Also the bats freaked me out because i thought they where going to attack me XD I feel so dumb


Even though it took me about an hour to figure it out, i still finished it. The blue blob almost gave me a heart attack and i had to say i took me a while to find the red key and the blue wire.


that was a fucking mind bender. even with help that took me about a good hour to solve nice work!