Insane Maze Game

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Well, this is kinda my first Flash game, I hope you all have fun. Its just a silly maze game.

Your mouse cursor is what goes through the maze. Don't touch the walls or you'll have to start over, though.

Four levels long, why not waste a little time?

As a note, the "Start" just shows you where your cursor began, and "Go!" is your destination.

People that know how to use Flash, or at least know how it works a bit, might be able to find an easy way through, but thats not as fun.


Well good start

But i found a glitch where u can zoom in and the game is over easy not just that but the mazes were simple and that it was really to much, But i like it, Forward tips man would be make moving objects somehow make a zoom blocker and maybe just a little more individuality but hey like you said it's your first i just wanna help u

insanekaosx responds:

I'm really appreciative of the help, mate, thank you! I do need to look into preventing easier ways to beat it, and I actually had friends suggesting moving objects for this one. Definitly going to be adding them into the next one I make

Not bad...

i thought it was too easy till the last level when i was like "HOLY S***"
Great Job though

insanekaosx responds:

Thanks. I was hoping to throw people off with the last one, heheh.


I liked it a lot. Yes, there are a lot of mouse maze games. But i still enjoy them and this one had the distinction of having to get "through" an object rather than the maze. ie in one end, out the other. Which made it slightly more original.
Cheating was easy though, but wheres the fun in that?

Overall.. Deserves a lot more than a 1.8. I think its just the fact that people see a lot of maze games. Its a good flash though, dont get disheartened.

insanekaosx responds:

I will be strong! I hope you find my next maze game just as enjoyable!

Fun And Easy

Good Maze Game And Fun Timewaster But You Should Remember to Disable The Right Click :)

insanekaosx responds:

I didn't even think about the right click!

thank you for point that out :D

realy good.

4 a first flash, but 1 thing, you can take your mouse out of the window & get 2 the end
& you need the frame rate higher so you cant glitch through the walls.

insanekaosx responds:

Thanks for the input, I'll put a wall around the stage and make sure to look into frame rate next time I make mazes. I will do this again for sure :D

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2.14 / 5.00

Dec 8, 2008
5:03 PM EST
Puzzles - Other