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Mad World Differences

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Spot the differences in this mad mad world.

Its a short game but a fun ride. The images are are mirrored and the transitions are pretty cool. ;)

Please let us know what you think!

Update: Removed right click menu (thanks for pointing that out) and added a light scoring system with a small penalty for missed clicks. We know the mirror differences aren't perfect. This animation was VERY difficult to create once you factor in light, shadows, reflections, etc. However, we learned a lot from this experience and part 2 is going to be much tighter along with other cool improvements!

Err... I mean. All this is on PURPOSE! Enjoy the extra MADNESS! lol

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Eh. It was okay, but there were issues wherein there would be obvious or blatant differences between the mirrorings but wouldn't allow you to click on them, such as the floor reflections in many levels.


This was notbad you don't really see these types of games they are far and few in-between but you managed to change a few things and make it even better the line work on some areas including some background changes so it all fits more better with the actual game would be a plus

Just some linework and backround stuff


"I find it kind of funny. I find it kind of sad...."

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Anyways, this is a unique hidden object game, creating a different version of the mirrored scenes mechanic I have seen in other games. The transitions are very well done, the music is kickin', and the scenes are great to look at. I just wish that the screen was bigger; zooming in with the browser makes the game look blocky. Of course I am late to this party (by 5-6 years), so you have probably heard all of this before.

I liked it but...

Some of the backgrounds needs work, needs the line of symmetry and a hollow circle for the reverse-cursor. Good music too


Game is fun. Animations are well done and the music is great. This is how puzzle games are done.

btw, it would be great to get the name of the song. I like it!