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Click Rush - Jumper

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Author Comments

Lead several balls through the room with barriers and send them into the basket. Balls fall down and break on the floor. Each click on the ball jump it up. But then gravity pulls it down again. If you break down 3 balls, you should start the level again.
Several types of balls are used in the game, they are different by speed and mass. The balls fly faster and faster and the barriers become more complicated at every next level. You can reduce the speed of balls or the frequency of their appearance or restore a few broken balls between levels.

Game features
- simple and addictive gameplay;
- lucid and nice graphics;
- upgrade between levels;
- 24 levels and endless mode;
- 2 difficult levels;
- 4 languages;

Game Type

- Normal - balls move very predictably, without accelerating. Barriers on levels aren't very complicated.
- Real - balls behave themselves as in the real world. Barriers on levels are complicated.
- Trance - there are no levels and no barriers. Balls appear almost endlessly. The type of ball is changed after every 50 balls.

Ball Type
- Red - this is a usual ball with average speed. 3 clicks are necessary to get it to the basket.
- Green - this is a fast ball, 2 clicks.
- Blue - this is a slow ball it jumps up highly enough, 4 clicks.

The more height from which ball gets to the basket the more score it brings. Extra score can be earned if click on several balls one by one. The click on the second ball will bring 10 points, on the third one - 20 points and so on.

Upgrade Between Levels
You get 3 points after every level. You can change various settings of the game with their help.
- Speed - it decreases balls speed on several percent
- Frequency - it decreases frequency of balls appearance on several percent
- Balls - restore broken balls or increase their count.

- Try not to hit into the ceiling. When it happens, the ball moving becomes unpredictable and it's easily to miss the basket.
- If the level is too difficult to pass just reduce balls speed or the frequency of their appearance.

- Mouse - click on the ball
- Space - game pause

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This is not hard

It is a good game but not as complicated as most have stated. Bunch of noobs.


i appricite that you out alot of work into this game, but it wasnt that good.

Kojan responds:

You are right. Balls flight took the just a few hours. A couple of days took a graphic. Couple of days left in the GUI. Quite a lot of time occupied levels and testing. In general, so gradually departed month of evening work.

really cool but

how the hell do i play this game

Kojan responds:

It is difficult to say. The game is too hard? Unclear rules of the game? Please describe that annoys you and I will try to fix this, if possible.

Meh, alright

It's too slow. Also the balls hit an invisible wall and bounce downwards. With a bit of fixing up this could be a fun game.

Kojan responds:

Thank you for review. Unfortunately, most players think the game is too complicated. The speed of balls is increasing at subsequent levels.
The ball does not hit on an invisible wall. He jumps at a fixed height and falls down. Try Real game mode. In this mode balls behave as you would expect from them.

Credits & Info

3.25 / 5.00

Dec 6, 2008
6:56 AM EST