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Lost in the Dark!

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Author Comments

because he bitched so much and claimed i stole this even though THE GAME WAS MY IDEA AND HE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT...aurell did the coding to this, not like it matters, this game wont get any more plays, so i dont see what his problem is

i requested help to fix my code because my hittests wouldnt work, instead he re-wrote the entire code and now claims the game as his

so there, happy now? i credited you for coding a game that will get maybey 5 plays a year if im lucky, this is not stolen, now stop bitching

thanks so much guys, it means alot to me that the title was green after coming out of judgement!

this is my final product for my college assignment (which is actually next semmesters work! lol!)
the semester starts next year, and were doing flash games, but because i already know flash i thought id get a head start!

this is also going to be part of an up-coming collab!

i can always make more levels and make it better detail!

opionions please! :D

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Like it.

Excellent piece of coding, and I laughed at how you americanized the description by saying semester instead of term. xD

We are so incredibly English.

2006Neon2006 responds:

well they were called semesters last year but this year the college said there now terms so i was like D:
i prefered semester because its less like school xD
lol but cheers roxas ;D

I hate being a dick

Because it was a fun game. And it must have been a ton of work to code but when you fall off the edge the game says "You Fell of The Edge" just thought i would let you know since it is for a college project and you may not have noticed the of off diffrence in all the code.

2006Neon2006 responds:

no no thanks for pointing it out, and its not really coding thats just a text box, its just my crappy spelling and typing skillz haha

ty :D

Pretty good!

Hard, too! I think the best ways to improve the game would be to add a keyboard option and randomize the maps

2006Neon2006 responds:

id love to add a keyboard option, and i think i can but id have to then work out how to separate the mouse and keyboard functionsso when you choose one the other is inactive, id have to get help on that

randomise the maps? gee lol thats some heavy stuff, but would be cool :)


You can also cheat by moving the cursor over part of the maze and then pressing the tab key.

2006Neon2006 responds:

rofl that should kill you by making you fall off the edge, at least it does for me, i dunno, but thanks :D

I like it

it's a good concept, It would make for a nice section of a game, for a longer adventure style game.

2006Neon2006 responds:

thanks! but if you liked it why only 5? :(
it was only for a college assignment, and i havnt even been given it yet, that comes next year! so expect a bigger version of this!

Credits & Info

3.29 / 5.00

Dec 5, 2008
5:34 PM EST