Eternal Red

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Part defense game, part shooter. Build turrets and floor traps to keep the shadow creeps from reaching the other portal. When all else fails use your own various weapons to take them out!

A and S to move
W to jump
R to reload (when you have weapons)
Mouse to select items or shoot
P to pause Keys can be remapped in the pause menu.

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not too good
my character suddently jump out in the upper stage with trees... and never get back...
instead it fell out in an unknown white space under the main platform.

The game is a serviceable tower defense, but it has a few flaws.

For one, the maps are all incredibly samey, and lack much in the way of variety. Additionally, their layout precludes any strategic depth. Most of them are just a straight line from one portal to another, and I can upgrade the range on a machine gun turret, and cover pretty much the entire screen, and a good chunk of the map at the same time.

Speaking of, the machine gun turrets basically trivialize every other turret in the game, as well as the handguns. They're cheaper to build and upgrade, their range is extremely far, their damage is great, and of course they have a fast rate of fire because machine gun. Put succinctly; they're absolutely busted, and make this game braindead-easy.

And, if you front-load a few more turrets, and a few traps on top of them, literally nothing will get past. In fact, for about the last hour or so, I've left this game running basically untouched in the tab, and I haven't lost a single point of health.

The cash gun is absolutely worthless. They are the most expensive turrets (they're about $10,000 each), do no damage whatsoever, and only gain you a small amount of money for each hit. But here's the thing; you easily get multiple times the mere pittance they provide by just killing enemies. If you're strapped for cash, you're really better off just dropping down a few more machine gun turrets to kill enemies faster.

On top of that, the levels take way too long to transition. A speed up function is desperately needed to keep this interesting for any extended period of time.

I also encountered a few clipping issues, where enemies ended up stranded outside the map, and the game was unable to progress until they died-- which they couldn't, for obvious reasons. I also had the player character clip beneath the floor on the first map, and had to start over.

So, 2 stars. It's been years since anyone's seen hide or hair from Weasel, so this is probably just shouting into the void, but I felt like I should say something about this game.

One of the handful of games I played growing up and...

The Aesthetic are dope just like I remember but the game is duller than what nostalgia says it is.
Still, Is good game holds up pretty well compared to others in this generation I'd imagine.

It's a fun game for sure but...

It's a very fun game with a really cool idea. I'm in love with the theme of it. Dark, creepy, fighting unknown beings. What's not to love about the setting?

The game play is fresh and exiting to see. Definitely something that i would love to see more of in games. It tries something that i have not seen in very many games and i love that.

But it is definitely needs some work. I have a small list of things that i believe would help the game become much better.

Add a speed up button. Although it does get faster later in the game, early game is very slow and would get boring many people.

Add some animation's to the "shadow creeps" so they don't look and feel so 2D.

Maybe add the ability to expand a floor trap such as the spikes to a neighboring floor tile for 30% less money AND damage. That way it's cheaper to make but does less damage than if you spent the full amount on one more trap instead of expanding one. To build on that last idea (pun intended) maybe also make it so upgrades would cost a bit more too, something like 25% (even if just in hard mode)

That's about it for what i have to say. All in all, i'd have to give it a 3/5 star rating. If you improved upon what you have it could be a lot better of a game.

Level sometimes gets stuck :( give 5 if u fix the bug :( so depressed :(

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4.31 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2008
12:40 PM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense
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