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**Press P to pause in game.
**Change quality, set sound on/off by Pausing (P)
**Game works best on LOW QUALITY.

*Please be patient while the game loads.

With 4 badass looking weapons of choice, new challenging target shooting levels, new modes and features, and 8 separate high score boards to top, this game provides tons of fun and hopefully some high replay value!

Hey guys, TrueDarkness here presenting you the latest installment in my ReBound series. I worked pretty hard on this one, but had a lot of fun creating it. I added 3 different types of modes in this one. You've got your classic Arcade mode, Headshot mode, in which the goal is to get as many headshots as you can, and training mode, which is a great way to boost your accuracy to score better and submit higher scores.

I really hope everybody enjoys this game, and as always, comments/reviews/feedback is always appreciated.


I found this to be a decent game. I was surprised at how difficult it was. I don't even think I could get a good shot if it even stayed in the same place! I was amazed at how fast they moved. It frustrated me how they seemed to be in the same place for awhile. I think my hand might have slipped away a few times.

It was still nice to play a realistic game. Granted, I don't know where these things are even coming from. The music is really intense. In fact, I think it might be a bit too intense. It was hard to focus, but I guess that was intentional.

Mediocre game, great warm up for shooters.

As a stand alone game, this game is quite boring and doesn't have much in depth. HOWEVER, after a round of doing the arcade mode, I found that it warmed me up quite a bit with first person shooter, and found I performed much better on just about any first person shooter game.

Great work on that part, it really helps do better at more in depth shooters!

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Some constructive improvements:
1. the semi automatic "Sub machine gun" sound be silenced since you did model a silencer onto it.
2. The shot gun Isn't even a shotgun, its a 40mm grenade launcher.
3. Is your inspiration for your models from Black lol? I dont mind that game is good but maybe play it a little more so you know what proper models and sounds should be used.

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I certainly liked the graphics. However, their are a few inaccurate things in it. For starters, the Machine Gun (Automatic) should be the only automatic weapon, yet you can hold the mouse for all the others and they'll keep firing. The shotgun only had 6 shots. In Rebound 2 it had 12, although I personally think it should be 8. Plus, the shotgun was practically equivalent to the handgun. In Rebound 2, each pellet from the shotgun counted for points, bringing each shot to over 1000 points.

This one certainly had great grahpics-I especially liked the shells-but Rebound 2 seemed more "accurate."

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I like the idea the animation is also satisfing im not sure if i agree with the music i love headshot mode its really great that you have more than one weopon and that there are different types of challenges my favourite would be headshot mode yea i would vote 10 if there were more weopns like a sniper rifle if your not sure what you want there was a realy good game something with sift heads you got to shoot targets well yea that had shurkens and uzis plz add those in rebound4 I Would love that game

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3.56 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2008
2:35 PM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person