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Pixellated Impressionism.

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Nice Gallery

In order to have a fair review within all three versions of the game. But, only with the gallery and the music, because it's hard to say which was the toughest, especially with the questions written within the Author's Comments ( Except for v3.0, but, it had it written in the Reviews).
Comparing the music with all three is easy, but, the gallery is a bit hard; the first version has 14 images, while the other two both have 20. Regardless, I have managed to compare all three and this is how I have done it: #1 I would have three games running in separate times, and I would finish up the quizzes with all three. #2 Then I would have the first image from all three and compare them, and decide upon which first image from all three I appreciate the most. #3 After deciding upon which one I favor, I would mark BEST right next to it. For example, Furry Quiz v2.0 - 1 BEST. #4 after comparing all three versions, with the ones I haven't favored, I would just erase them, making it easier for me to count each of the favors I made with all three versions.

Generally, this game fails as a quiz game, 'cause the questions aren't difficult, especially when they are written within the Authors Comments (Again, only with the first two; the third had it written within the Reviews). But, that doesn't make either of the games bad in anyway; As long as I am cheating my way to into seeing some great images, then it's fine by me. And the images here are pretty good, especially with the Flash Box (That's what I call it) expanded; some of the ones I've played, you had to shrink the Flash Box to get the better quality out of the images, but, here it is the opposite. Of course, there are are few others like this, but, it's still worth mentioning.

As I mentioned previously, I have compared the galleries within all three versions of the game. So, here is the result for Furry Quiz v1.0:


Of course, with there being 6 images less within this version, it was a bit hard to compare all three.

The music within this version is good, but, definitely not my favorite. It's hard for me to say what type of genre this relates to ( After all, I am no musical expert), but, I can at least say it sounds "drummy" Not a negative thing, it just means there's a lot of drums going on. Regardless of this not being my favorite out of all the three versions, Furry Rave Hard Tekkno (by megawolf77), still is a good choice.

This version of the series has a bit of a pinkish hue to it.

GOOD - Sexy gallery. nice music. Great that you can better view them with the Flash Box expanded, unlike some others where you have to shrink it to gain the best quality out of them; truth be told, it actually works good both ways.

BAD - Only 14 images, while the other two have 20. Answers are written within the Authors Comments; gives away the challenge.

the krystal pic

hey can you send me the link of the krystal pic thx


Yeah!Krystal!But what is this repeatitive music?

dude love it

i love it

can you submit these pics in the art section

Fucking Awesome

Keep making them you are the boss.

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4.64 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2008
11:51 PM EST