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Cornbread Samurai

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Cornbread Samurai is the first animation produced by our team (Hank and Jed Movie Pictures).

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Some really good cornbread.

Dude gave up his gun for a piece of cornbread, man, that is saying something, that must have been some magical cornbread, because I don't know anyone else who would have taken a deal like that.

An amazing experience

I stumbled on this cartoon a week ago and I've returned almost every day to watch it again and vote 5.

Yesterday I went to the store and bout a 2 pound bag of cornmeal, made some cornbread and then ate it while I watched this.

I can't say I've ever been happier :D

One of the funniest animations on Mewgrounds

This animation makes you truly appreciate good voice-acting. You managed to make this thing hilarious without using much animation what-so-ever. I really must try this cornbread!

imma hustler

that samuri is a hustler a gun for cornbread even i couldnt do that


I mean we have all watched the movie with the high budget special effects that sucked real good sucked like not having good cornbread. I have to say i rather laugh my ass off at this than watch a poorly written blockbuster (yeah i know i'm pushing it XD)