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WotL-Ig Test Chamber

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Author Comments

This is a kind of quiz that I made that has sumthing to do with the series.
Have fun :D

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d -.- b

Lol, completed it (YAY ME!)
It wasn't fun. I bet that the most people thatys it must be having as fun as me.
This is moar kind of a thing that you play when you are physically bored :P
So I'll ive it a 5/10 and 2/5.
Sorry, man.

Ermm, its nice...

Despite it being called Impossible, I finished it pretty easily... -.-

Make it harder and a lot longer... 5mins for a game thats called impossible is a bit to quick... and yes it was my first attempt.
Maybe im just lucky?
I doubt it though :P

Youve got a decent idea, has been done before yes but still, its nice.

I love these games.

The best part about them is how creators use the MOST OBSCURE logic that is only relevant to them and maybe there close friends that are in on it and then call you stupid for not figuring them out. Usually I would gripe about that, but I like the sense of accomplishment that comes from figuring it out. HOWEVER i will gripe about people who make buttons that don't encompass an area but only the LETTERS of a word making a reasonably focused attempt to figure something out harder by making you second guess whether or not something is actually a button. How hard is it the make the phrase a button with the area of a rectangle rather than just the letters?

al3xx responds:

That is very easy to do I really just didnt think about it.
The game IS called IMPOSSIBLE.
So IF you do finish it then U should be happy...
But seriuosly it's more like a hint game.. If it's written "UP" press up..
Not complicated!


haha beat the game. not bad but maze was easy just left click the right click. other then that ive seen better and ive seen worse. lol

al3xx responds:

we all know that and thanks alot for expoloiting it again =.=

eh. I've seen worse...

Not good, but not bad either. It's a solid idea, but it is kinda plain. I also got stuck on the section that said "i'll stop with the Javascripts" I click both boxes and they both say "left." Is that maybe a glitch?

al3xx responds:

dude are you joking me?
gad... x)

Credits & Info

3.74 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2008
4:40 PM EST