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My first quiz, A sort of remix from The Impossible Quiz. More questions will be added with updates! Enjoy
Seems to not work online! the health is out of order! sorry guys
sorry upladed the wrong file, the new one should work 100%!
edit--- -------------------------
i uploaded the new file! but its not on the webpage for some reason
-------------Its in working order, added a skip, some new questions and added a animation when you lose a life! enjoy

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its not really a remix

if the questions are stolen
something called originality
i admire the fact the you want to continue a good concept
you better make it your own
not copy and paste
and need some more time on graphics
im not hating
just rating your stuff
just sayin
i dont wanna start a stupid line of arguments with stfu's

yambanshee1 responds:

ok, thanx for the crit. what would you suggested i do to improve the graphics?

no dude....

If you're trying to make a quiz, make it completely original. This 'quiz' needs a complete do-over; questions, animation, menu, graphics, and perhaps add some music. It's ok to try to learn from another person's work, just don't copy it.

yambanshee1 responds:

i has music, im not tryig to copy, i cant help the fact that there is another quiz with about 300 questions between the 3 that covers just about everything! as for the graphics/menu, please give me some ideas, ive been atflash for about a month and i dont know what its capable of!

No Way

This is really bad! All questions are stolen and the design is horrible.

yambanshee1 responds:

theres 2 questions that are similar...

Rip off

Come on anyone worth there salt on this site, or similiar ones for that matter, has done the impossible quiz. Shameless. Also the presentation was poor.

I'm going to overlook the stolen concept

Anyway, this is great, but I recommend you polish the graphics. It was somewhat hard to tell if you were losing health, too.

yambanshee1 responds:

yea, im still new to flash and im not to shure how to mak animations, ill work on it using variables, thanx for the crit :) Also, what would you like me to do to the graphics?

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Nov 30, 2008
6:09 AM EST
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