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Hey everyone, I decided to make a Fruity Loops Tutorial and here it is.

This shows you in detail how to make a tune, add percussion and bass. I put a fair amount of time into this in the past few days so enjoy. Hope you learn something.

Here's the rapidshare to download the samples you need if you want to follow along with the tutorial.
http://rapidshare .com/files/167407582/Bran do_s_FL_Tutorial_Samples_
delete the spaces beween rapidshare and .com and Bran do

Also if you want to check out my songs, open up my homepage and check them out. Or you can freely drop me a pm.

Also rate and review please :D Thanks
About the bass, if you're having problems with it going on for ages (about 10 seconds) follow these steps, It's really easy to fix and I use it everywhere.

Open up the sound properties of your VEC Bass and in the image below, turn the knob the image shows and rid lines will appear on the wav preview cut in the window. This means that the sound repeats a certain section of the sound while you hold the key down. Although if you turn the knob too much it sounds pretty bad. Just turn it to the halfway point between the first and second line.

us/my.php?image=82250850b h2.jpg
Hope that helps. :D

Also zooming in and out of the piano roll, you can use the hotkey ctrl+scroll up/down. Or use the black square under the close button. I find the hotkey's much easier.

-Cheers Brando

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lol it isnt a dj piano it is only a tutorial ....

I faved it cuz I need it.

It's very informal and stuff. I REALLY NEED THIS TUTORIAL CUZ I KINDA SUCK AT THIS. Good and good.
Your #1 fan,

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Yeah it's kind of informal because it's not really a true beginner tutorial. You have to have used FL before to understand this tutorial. I explained all I really needed, and there is a fair amount of text in it for a tutorial so I would say it's pretty detailed. But yeah.

Thanks for your support. :D

-Cheers Brando

Good Tutorial

I've tried it, and attempted to copy the leads and bass wich did well, only my problem was that you kept switching that black square under the close button in the piano roll, I did managed to copy them no problem though, but it could be an problem for the newbies. You could better tell them to put the square to the most far up side or down (depends were you were ofcourse.)
The other problem is your detuned arp, you said it was an default FL studio arp only detuned, well I couldn't find it... :P So I used Z3ta+ for it (also an problem for the beginners.)
And at the last part of the tutorial, I tottaly lost it, (Vub1_BASS_EfEm_C2) I had that one already from the VEC samples, but at that part in the tutorial, I didn't understand it anymore. (mayby because I am from Holland... I don't know) Because when I did the same like you, the music totally did sound horrible. those were too long basses it just F***ed it all up for me.

The good sides of it:
-You've made an downloadable sample pack!!! I've never seen anyone doing that!
Big plus for that! ;D It's great for the beginners who don't have VEC samples.
-The tutorial itself was most self-explanatory, but you've also putted information in on how and to do it.
-You've added sound fragments on how it should hear, really great for those who did misunderstand anything.
-Nice overall looking tutorial, everything was to be seen, not just down-sized images, no it was all full screen. ( wich actually was realy easy to follow everything, I just needed to zoom-in sometimes though. :))

Well it may sound that there are more down-sizes, but that's not true!
It's an well divined tutorial, wich is really great to use for beginners!
I just couldn't think about more up, but there were certainly many more.

Hope you understand my review, and doesn't gets to much pissed of by it. :P

Good luck on further progress, and ofcourse with your music also, I love it! ;)

Greets: DJ-PHX


Dj-Brand0 responds:

Well, I was going to mention that you would need to change a small setting in the basses sound properties so that it loops when it's down on a key. The Bass in the sample pack has the setting saved into it. I'll pm you showing you what I mean through a screen shot. I guess I should have mentioned it >.< Well anyway that'll help you as I tell you. I'll re upload it soon with the new info and more detailed explanations.

And no I'm not pissed by your review. It gives me a proper understanding of what people think and if there's anything needing to be fixed. The detuned saw was in the Plugin Presets > Generators > Sytrus > Synth String > Detuned Saw.
Hope that helps. Yea also I could have made the overall size of the flash a bit bigger.

Owww that thing. The black square I didn't understand you but now I do. It just zooms in and out of the piano roll. But I don't really use it. I use the hotkey Ctrl+Scroll up/down.

Thanks for the review Unrealdark, appreciate it :D

-Cheers Brando

I'll add the thing about the bass in the description.


And I thought Garageband was complicated!

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Well I've been using FL Studio for about 2 years now. And it's incredibly easy to use compared to some others. Reason and Cubase are damn confusing but once you learn the basics of FL you get into it really quickly.
Thanks for the rate and review CastleClock!

-Cheers Brando


The program is called FL Studio,(or Fruity Loops) 90301... Well I use FL Studio and I think this tutorial is very helpful for people wanting to learn how to do this kind of stuff.
Good tutorial.

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Thanks for the rate and review Mrpibbs!

-Cheers Brando

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Nov 25, 2008
6:16 PM EST