Mario Pown 2.0

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This is the most awesome way to clear the 1-1 level in Super Mario Bros.



I like it. I've been a fan of Super Mario Brothers for many years, and I'm pleased with this. Good stuff.

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It was good man, just simple stuff, I liked how you got the song and the sound clips of mario to work in sync (Y) good stuff

Very "been there done that"

The animation itself was fairly solid, but really was almost the exact same thing as the first Mario Pown. However, the part with the coins looked really good in this, which I'll give you props for.

The audio, while somewhat fitting, is increasingly obnoxious. When it's getting near the end it just goes batshit and goes from mildly irritating to ear-bleeding.

While the flash is an improvement over your first edition of it, it really has nothing terribly special about it. Sprite animations like these are overdone and stale - not to the point of pointless Naruto and Dragonball Z sprite fights, but still a pretty tired convention. I hope you can move on from such overdone genres in the future and branch into something of your own. While this is okay, if you want to get anywhere you're going to need to strike out on your own.

You know what I quite enjoyed this

When I see flsh animations that have little sprites running all over the place I thnk to myself, ' Oh god when is this going to end.' However I feel that there is a slight exception in your case. You tried to make mario sing the kirby song and when anyone accomplishes this you are definately going to get some laughs. You did attempt this with your flash and mario did flow with the kirby music in some parts of the flash and is some parts it just sounded like mario going at it in the bedroom......Overall this was a fairly entertaining flash and maybe next time you do a sprite flash do something serious and see how people respond.


everyone does mario spoofs.. but yea.. this was funny.

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4.25 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2008
2:15 PM EST
Music Video
  • Daily 4th Place November 26, 2008