Red, White & Poo: Ep 1

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An epic FLASH game presented in full retro-pixelated 2D glory! You play as Harry Joe, a mulleted man of mammoth machismo...

Episode ONE: Jungle_Fever.exe

In a time much like our own...
The left wing liberal elites have won...
It's a world of godless sodomites and evolutionary scientists...
Terrorists frolic in the playgrounds...
Jesus has been replaced by the aborting Jezebel...
The Dark Sidedness is fueled by the flames of hippie flag burnings...
But from the ashes a HERO is born; HARRY JOE.
Harry Joe is a simple man. He just wants to be left alone and enjoy what's his. But the Fates have a different destiny in store for our mulleted man of mammoth machismo.

Terrorists have infiltrated his Xanadu. A suicide bomber is threatening his mobile home shanty with imminent annihilation. As Harry Joe, you must traverse your way through dangers hereto unforeseen. Your truck is in town for repairs. You NEED your truck, The Pork-Chop Express, to move your home and save the day! Will you pledge allegiance to the U$A and make them terrorists pay?

Good luck. Protect the Homeland. Secure the borders. If they don't bleed red, white and poo, then you know what you have to do.

Check my profile for other Episodes.

Much more adventure awaits you my proud patrioteer.
This game is filled with too much awesomesauce to fit on newgrounds.
Download the full game@:


No load times in the full game! One big, epic, seemless adventure! Extra content not available on newgrounds versions! Compete for HIGH SCORES!!!

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id didnt work. I couldent get him to Move.

ExistentialEgg responds:

did you click "PLAY THE GAME!" on the menu screen of the game? use arrow keys to move and space bar to jump.

That was funny, but not so fun

I really wanted to love this game, but couldn't. It was funny, but the gameplay was just repetitive to me. You need to really stick it to the Left, next time. Redneck stereotypes are hilarious, but there's an inexhaustible funny-mine on the other side of the political quarry, too.

That reference kind of sucked, I know.

Comin on strong from the US of A

Man, I waited a long time for this to be available. It reminds me of my days at the 2600 my dad had. I hope Harry Joe becomes a franchise!!!

Red White and AWESOME!

Wow, this is the most amazing thing I've seen on NG in a very long time. Whoever made this must be filled to the brim with awesomesauce. The difficulty is of pretty haxcore caliber. I admire the amount of patriotism invested in this as well.

not too bad

wow i really liked this game. the graphics were toatally atari throwback, but the game play was really cool. redneck saving america. great idea. and i just love the pitfall harry-esque styling. great job man. 9/10 cuz it wasnt the whole game.