Chronicles of a ninja

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This a story of a ninja that meets a pirate who wants to fight. Can you guess the outcome?

This was originally just a test that was never supposed to leave my computer. I was trying to learn to cut audio-files and then import them to flash. Anyway, I think it turned out quite nice, considering that it only took 10 minutes to put the sounds in, 10 minutes to animate and 5 minutes to do some finishing touches. I downloaded the sound effects from various places ages ago, so I can't correctly credit the audio-authors.

So vote fairly and please leave constuctive criticism!

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After seeing your prank I decided to see some of your past creations or something. It was kinda cute. The end music from Pokemon... Good times... Yes People still like Pokemon. Get over it.

Anyways a good ol' 5 stars from me! Yep me... and that other dude.

Lare responds:

This was a dark time in my past.

1 minute?

You made 1 vs a poop,a real ninja win 50 pirates before taking a gunshot,but 1 pirate?

Lare responds:

I seriously don't understand anything you're saying.


Great video, and as previous comments stated, audio is needed! Well, the background audio anyway. good sound effects and the appearing messages were funny, but I think it could do without. Great work!

Lare responds:

You're comments give me strength to carry on!


the animation was not very good and the flash was really short. i like the pokeman set up at the begining and everyone loves a fight between a ninja and pirate. if you put a little more time into it, it could be good.

Lare responds:

Yep, that sounds about right. Thanks.


Eh, I found it ok. I mostly liked it because of the music at the end which was used on the movie Pokemon the movie 2000. Which is my favorite pokemon movie. Yes people still likes pokemon get over it.

4 out of a 10.

Lare responds:

People actually like Pokemon?!

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2.88 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2008
3:24 PM EST