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Well, it's here. And it sucks ass. It's original engine was good. Then I put in the turrets and it started lagging like hell so I couldn't use music during the game and that means that not one person is going to vote 5. The best review I'll get will probably be like: "It was fun at first, but then it got boring, oh and add music" and theyll vote a 3. Other reviews will be such as: "wtf this is gay, it's too hard" or "This game might be fun, if I wasn't on my laptop" and they will vote zero. So this game will have a shitty score. Onto the next one! I have like 3 different engines started so it might be good, and the engines are not as laggy as this one. Oh, and it's pretty good for a first real game isn't it?
Enough of my whining.
Enjoy the game and vote high for me, that lovable buddy who's always there for you when you're down.

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I liked it for the first 3 levels but after that it's way too boring and buggy, for example: on the level where you go right then up and have to look for the container it is too hard because when I go up my character just instantly moves to the lava 2/5.

I really do like it.

I've always wondered how cool it would be to have a superhero who can fly just by shooting his gun downwards. I like the programming, too. The art is the only problem. I think you should make a sequel with cleaner art (the red squares would be, i dunno, glowing lava pits or something). That would be awesome! :)

Has potenial!

Quite honestly I like to see where this could end up if you keep working on it! keep improving on it and surely the quality of the gameplay and the ratings will go up! Thanks for also using my music on your game, though message me next time if you're going to do so :) Thanks! I was sorta taken aback but also absolutely FLATTERED that someone decided to use my music for a submission, albeit a seemingly incomplete game! Like I said, you can only go upwards!

VicBiss responds:

Oh, sorry. I'll remember to message next time. And compliments on creating such an epic tune.

(title in work)

I wouldn't agree with you and say this game sucks ass. It's very challenging, which some people won't like, and because it is so challenging, I think it would be better to have some more lives, possibly and infinite amount when playing this game. The graphics could have been improved, by having something other than red and black and your main colors.

Good attempt.

The game was very humorous, in my opinion, and with a little tweaking, it could be great. It's a pretty good framework right now.