Ryu vs Golem

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A raging Battle between Ryu and a Golem!


EDIT: OKAY, I GET IT!! I'LL FIX THE BACKGROUND NEXT TIME!! Just shut up and enjoy what's there.

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Develop this...

Get rid of that background on Ryu. Trace bitmap, select background, and hit delete. That alone would get you more stars. If there had been some context I'd score you higher - the animation was great, good fight scene, but as it is it's not up to newgrounds standards. I'm scoring so low just because of the above.

Hope to see more...


TBH, I think you already expected a low score when submitting this.

But I'm not saying this just to piss you off, I'm just saying.
The problem is, people in NG are used to high-quality stuff, like Xiao Xiao stuff or Super Mario Bros. Z. When they see a newbie flash like this, people already go ranting like "OMG this sucks" or "Why did you submit this".

Don't let these people bring you down. You just have to work on your flash-producing skills, sharpen these skills and then submit a new, better work. Make your way up to high-quality flashes and don't let bad reviews bring you down. Don't mind all these people that don't like newbie flashes. After all, no one begins anything already in pro levels, everyone begins from the bottom. Just work your way up to the top!

InnerChild721 responds:

My God, a helpful review.

I didn't think it was possible!

Thank you!

i liked the idea but....

it was way too short... but i will give u a 7 for trying

InnerChild721 responds:

Thanks, at least you didn't say, "th3res a purpel square aroudn RYU"


Kind of good except it's pretty short. I think the fighting could have been better if you removed those purple blocks.
One of the options under Modify. It can remove that junk automatically but considering how easy it would be to removed with any other method, there really isn't an excuse for it. You could have even used a purple background. Unless you were copying the Golem's background.

At the very least, something longer or that has a conclusive victory for one of the fighters.

InnerChild721 responds:

I was copying the golems background.


but that sucked. you didnt even take the BG off the Ryu sprites! no BG mediocre sounds collisons were nasty as well.
better luck next time.

Credits & Info

2.51 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2008
4:13 PM EST