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Night Life Demo

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Author Comments

This is a demo for a game me and two other people are making called Night Life. This demo isn't the greatest, it was a bit rushed, and it shows. The car code is bad, it'll be much better in the full game. It also has a short animation, that was also rushed, so it's not that great. A new demo is being made to better demonstrate game play, it'll be out whenever. I'm not going to give a date, since that's what made this one bad. Please review and tell me what you think of it, so I know what's good, what to fix, remove, or improve.

Mouse: Aim and shoot/attack
Arrow Keys: Move
Z: Enter Car
X: Leave Car
C/V: Make the background go away/come back
1-6: Change weapons

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It's a good concept. Nice start.


thanks for putting me in the fellow authors?

Can i have a gun

At least then i can shoot the target boards...
Theres really nothing to review here are there.

Mark-Aged responds:

Oh my god, I forgot to say the controls... Well, it's there now.

No summary

Hmm, 3/5= 6/10 I found it OK, It may be quite interesting We'll see what this game will be like in the future

Forget everything and run.

Mark-Aged responds:



Even for the demo it looks really good!
Can't wait to see the completed project!

Mark-Aged responds:

Thanks a ton!