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The Supersonic Fighters

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Author Comments

The Arena is a place where teams of 2 high-tech robots designed for supersonic moves, fight each over.
Create your team, and go to the Arena. The more rounds you survive in the Arena, the more money you get.
But if your team fail, you will lose all the money, and will have to buy new prototypes.

Play only with mouse. left button to attack. hold left button to charge weapon and to heal.

Here is a demo of the game, for people who doesnt understand what they have to do.

v1.3 update:
help menu added.

v1.2 update:
- gameover screen fix;
- enemy switch fix;
- the best fighters will appear only after 4th round;
- test lab tuto fix;

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Fun but confusing

5/5, 9/10, Was fun once i got used to the controls. Some good ideas would be adding a multiplayer option and customization of your robots. We need something else to spend money on!

good concept

Good concept, not great. Execution came up very short. My 4 points are strictly for the intro, graphics and intermediate animation. Everything else begs to get a 2-3.

Sqykly sums it up perfectly 3 reviews down, I'l try to add to it.

How do you play the game? You'll never find out unless A. you mash and hold every button in an attempt at trial and error. Or B. you sit through... yes, there is no better word, agonizingly long process in the training room. Here's a summary so you don't waste your time and cash.

-1. Don't touch the walls. They are apperently made out of Hiltler rabies and will kill you FAST.
-2. control your fighter with your cursor, if it gets knocked off, pick it back up with your cursor.
-3. hold your mouse button to charge your shootypewpew attack. Or not. If you hold it too long you will die forever and from my tests there's really a limited return after holding it for a half to 1 second.
-4. That rectangle on the bottom right is a door. Hover over it and you won't have to kill your fighters to get out

Teleportation: WTF? Your opponents don;t actually exist in your time and space. So if you finally get that shot off, no worries, his corporeal form will disappear just as it gets to it.

Robot decision: Doesn't seem to matter. I did much better my first go round with the 2 weakest robots than my last rounds with the strongest (minus Goku).

I really would have liked to have seen like an 'armored core' concept where the robots would be upgradeable as you go and more than one horribly slow attack.

Strategies. Charge your attack, then charge your opponent just before you release, making the distance minimal. Shoot after charging for a second then use your amazingly slow shot as a sheild. your opponent will eventually run into it.

Awesomeology(dot)org - So funny, your mom's a whore!


Concept good, fallowthrough retarded hard.

pretty awesome

it was pretty cool. especially in the first round when i went up against the two strongest fighters!! AND I KICKED THEIR ASSES!!! lol took a long time tho but i still won!! pretty good game 3/5 8/10


Documentation is somewhere between nonexistent and unintelligible. If you want to write games in English (monolingual neanderthals that most of us are), you need to learn English. Here are some things that confused me:

Why can my enemies teleport? Why can't I teleport? How can my opponent afford the priciest robot in the first match? Why did I get 'game over' after picking a new team, instead of when I actually lost the match? Is there any way to control when/if I do a close range attack (If indeed that's what that's supposed to be) vs. a long range attack? Why can my opponent knock me up against a wall from across the screen when my robot's most powerful attacks don't seem to budge the enemy?

And what the hell does dragon ball z have to do with this?! Or anything else?!

I think my biggest complaint is the "test room", which appeared to be intended as a tutorial. The text, however, moved at an absolutely agonizingly slow pace (maybe 40 seconds of "the walls hurt you!"), and I couldn't find any way out of the "test room" except to kill both of my robots, for which I was still charged. It's a good thing I knew I could kill myself with the walls!

The graphics are fairly well pre-rendered, and the game is not a bad concept at all, it just needs more documentation in better English with A LOT more bug testing and a lot less dragon ball z. Please.

Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2008
4:19 PM EST