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Yan Loong Legend 1.0

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This is 1.0 version of Yan Loong Legend, fixed some bugs and toned down the difficulty of whole game, add some new features.

Yan Loong should use his sword and dragon fire spell to beat all enimies who blocking his way and find out the reason why wars happened in the world.

Control Scheme:
W: enter in door or prepare to launch tornado slash.
S: squat
A: left
D: right
J: attack
K: jump
L: Extra attack
I: open skill panel

please send me your email if you find bugs or you have interesting advice for this game.
my email: vanadune@gmail.com
Thanks for your playing :)

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This was great! It was mostly because of how fast paced it was. It was really great to see all of these enemies come and attack you. The highest combo I got was 17. I was surprised when I died. The enemies really do come up and attack you quickly.

Of course, that's really the only thing there is to this game. The music was great too. The hitting and wooshing sounds were great. I thought the title was "Looong" and not "Loong". It's hard to tell how many Os there are.

great game!

pretty cool!
but it gets waaaaay too hard later on!
damn Chun-Li is cheap!


Enjoyed it very much. Great game... now to play the 2nd :)


while I found some parts of the game annoying, this is still pretty well made. the controls work, the graphics are decent, and all around is just good.

On a side note, I hat people who complain about the most tiny things (not mentioning any names)


This game was really awesome. The graphics was nice, but the music just kept looping and looping, but the sound effects drowned it out. The w button should have been jump and K should have been a special attack. Overall this game was decent. 9/10 4/5