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Bugged prerelease...


Loved it except...

Like that guy said before, the game sometimes doesn't end, but otherwise, its a solid game.

I find both fighters and rockets to be quite OP though

can't wait for more!!

really great loved the ''beta'' and love this one to!!
campaign can be expanded but i know that wil be there with numer 3 :D

if you fail think of another strat cuz it is easy if u think ;)

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Not bad, not amazing

It's quite worthwhile playing if you like RTS and if you like taking over the galaxy.

However, there are some problems. The campaign mode presents you with some situations that, if you don't act quickly enough (I mean reflex-style quickly) you will not be able to succeed. This speaks a lot for the game's balance, but maybe it also suggests that there should be some advantage to the player to ensure that they're not running up against brick walls.

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Nice game, love the map maker!

Check out my map!!

http://www.alienprocess.com/StarBaron _Development/StarBaron.php?mapId=421

It's tough, but it's doable!

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Frustrating glitch

There is a frustrating, frustrating glitch. An enemy star will send a ship towards a non-existent star. It will wander off the screen, and the program will still read it as active. So, after battling all the way to the end of a level, you can't win, because there is one straggler somewhere off in the ether. I'd recommend placing some large, neutral stars beyond the borders of the playing area, so the game will destroy the occasional straggler.

Otherwise, it is a massive, massive improvement on the first game, although the missile stars are disproportionately strong. It's close to a perfect balance, but they could be tweaked down just a hair.

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alienpro responds:

Strange bug. I'll have a look at it.

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4.13 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2008
6:15 AM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)