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Follow the in-game tutorial to learn how to play or read the rules and scoring pages for a quick summary of the game.

Notes: The dice that are rolled are completely random, the CPU doesn't cheat like that. That is one my pet hates in games, rather than making a better CPU player some games just make the CPU "luckier". I can assure you that all three CPU players employ different levels of strategy and the dice are completely random every time for every player. I you get a good score, well done! I think there are awards in-game for that kind of thing :)

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Simple but effective

As this is not an original game but based on a game that has already been invented, I think that one can only review the Flash adaption of it.

I loved the the 'note-pad' theme of the game; it gives it a lovely atmoshpere, because that's how you would actually play it in real life! This was it's outstanding feature in my opinion. I liked the full explanation of the rules and scoring, very clear and easy to follow. I thought the interface was nice and clean too. I've played for a few hours now and as far as I can tell it's bug free. I liked the awards, but would have been nice to have them as NG medals too.

Criticisms: I found it too easy to beat the computer, even the "Realistic" one. An extra level of difficulty would give it a bit more longevity. That damn advert that popped up every so often when I just wanted to get on with another game, but it's difficult to criticise because it has to be funded somehow. It was a small price to pay on reflection.

Overall, I thought it was nicely done. Sometime less is more!


This game is good if you like like strtegy. there is almost no luck involved.

hate it

played like 3 games in a row at easy and each time the comput just beat me easy....
i know the real game of dice .. rules are little different ,but more fun ...
the last game i played against the comput .. i had 9800 points he had like 6000 points ... i decided to bank only 350 cause i knew he had no chance to beat me ... but all of a sudden he made like 5000 points ... something is wrong with the dice lol


That's the game I always thought this was. Eh, either way, I know how my next 5 hours are gonna be spent, you crafty fuck ya.

wtf stupid CPU

Sometimes, I Feel the game is on the CPU side, im losing like hella :/
other than that its a good game