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Palin Re-Kills Washington

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Hello Newgrounds!

*Please Submit To The Halloween (And Politics) Collection :D*

Me and blah569 have been working on this game for about 3 months, and it is finally done!
If you want to get a quick start in the game here are the...

-# Controls #-
Mouse + Left Click - Shoot
1, 2, 3 - Powerups
Shift - Recharge power
Space - Grenade

-# Story #-
A disease has spread to Washington DC, turning all of the MEN in Washington DC into... ZOMBIES!
It is your job as a kick-ass zombie slaying vice president to put these zombies where they belong...

If anyone sees any glitches, please leave us a comment here, to tell us how we could have made the game better.

~TheEmoKiller & Blah569

P.s - A big thanks to the audio artists we have on board :D

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Ah you used my music

Yeah this game doesn't work at all. You can't move or shoot. I noticed you used my music in this... I was hoping for something a bit better. It could have been ok if it had run, but it just did nothing. Maybe you should get someone to test your games before releasing them. Also get your own icon, that one was from another submission I'm sure. Partly the reason why I was surprised at the content of this game.

TheEmoKiller responds:

I was actually avidly working on art and etc. for this game.
But my programmer (who said he was working on it for a week), didnt get anything done really.

I then decided to release it as a Halloween trick, which it says in the Author's Comments.


What the fuck is with this game!? I clicked on the gun and nothing happened! What am I suppose to do!? You need to really fix this game!

He's not a zombie,just a little brain dead.

At least he hasn't praticed his lying that much though. Me personally,I'd rather be shooting Palin.

The controls are broken

Nothing I did worked. The only thing I can click on is the "Play" button. I can't click on the instructions link, I can't fire the gun, I can't throw grenades, I can't do a single thing.

You need to fix this thing.

Man, that doesn't work.

You can't move, shoot or do anything interesting. Was a bad idea do this.