Power Tank

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Stay alive as long as possible by shooting enemies, picking up credits, and upgrading your tank.

WASD: move
Mouse: shoot
Space: enter upgrades menu

Enjoy! :D


Great Game

I really like this game. The graphics are great, the upgrades are great, and I really like the animations for leveling up. Great Job. Keep up the Good Work! CAN'T WAIT to see your next one!

Love it ^^

Very nice game! Really good upgrades, could have used different enemies maybe, it's really fun anyways :D Good job.

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Fun Game...

But I had one problem with it - it just seemed like too far in-between upgrades after 40. Perhaps you could, instead of double the required kills each time, make it consecutively add more to the requirement. While I can't think of a better pattern of level-ups aside from Doubling it each time - unless you use a static list of level-up requirements - you could perhaps add something akin to temporary power-ups to the game. Something in addition to the bomb that causes the game to change, for however short a time the power-up lasts. This would break the monotony of hugging the wall and holding the fire button.

Because 160 kills without ever doing more damage or ever firing any faster gets dull and repetitive fairly quickly. It also continues to get more difficult (more circles on screen at once) from that 1st kill to the 160th kill - but you don't get any more powerful along the way. Which makes this about as boring as watching paint dry - I just continue to hug the bottom for fear of getting hit from the side while holding down the fire button. Waiting for that 160th exp point that lets me shoot faster or more powerfully.

However, aside from that, the game is great. The difficulty curve is almost perfect (other than the problem with going from 0 - 160 I mentioned above), and temporary power-ups would help it greatly with one of its few flaws.

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Not really power tank. But really power game.

This game good becouse all in balance. yeah gun not very powerful and get lvl ups hard, but its doing game more intersting

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Kinda liked that game, the only thing is that it gets pretty hard later, because of so many balls and they are really fast and you need too many points to upgrade later. But besides that a very interesting game, oh and I like how you can use the recoil to gain speed backwards if you want ;)

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3.89 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2008
7:38 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional
  • Daily 4th Place October 31, 2008