Fist of the Flash Star

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My brother made this at school, first attempt at flash, so if you don't like "You can get out", he didn't want to make a newgrounds account, so we submitted in my account, it it has no audio, we tried to add audio, but the computer doesn't let us, for some reason, and you think this sucks and a waste of time, your an idiot who can't tell whats a waste of time because you say something is useless in a useless web, and yet you still go there, don't say its a waste of time, when its obviously a waste of time, like newgrounds, but its time well wasted!


Merry Halloween!

i just gave u a 10/10, an extara .04 points on this flash, and *reaches in pocket* A COOKIE :).

k... so without sound it felt like it was missing something... but lucky for you, it was funny as hell >:D

Utter crap

This has no plot, no gah I don't even know, it doesn't make any freajin sense. Obviously this wasn't a serious video but why even waste your time in posting it on here. This seems like more of an iinside joke than anything, there is no substance to it. This is just so stupid it makes me angry and I can't think of anything to write that would be remotefully beneficial.

Christop responds:

Of course its a waste of time, thats what the internet is for, and this was a school project, if anything its above average for a school flash project, especially for a high school student's first flash, it has no plot, who ever tried to put a plot in a school project? huh tell me, huh huh!!, you asshole, talking shit about my bro's work, its probaly better than your first flash, if you made one, I don't know I didn't check.

good and random


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1.85 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2008
7:29 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody