City of The Lost

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If you enjoyed the game please recommend it for Halloween '08.

Don't forget to open the game in a popup window instead of just hitting play game!

UPDATE 3: MASSIVE speed increase!!! The game's way more fun now :D

UPDATE 2: Added more customization (including pico's hair and sweater). Made some quality buttons at the options screen. Made a way better dying animation for the normal people (try it out, it's awsome :D).

UPDATE 1: Added some blood to the zombie animations, made some adjustments to the customization (more to come soon, prob. incl. pico's hair :D). Made the zombie's a tad slower. You can shoot zombies even when they're right on top of you. The zombies run less cranky now.

Welcome to City of the Lost,
This is my very first completed game in flash :D

Post your total score in your comments!

The purpose of this game is to survive and kill as many zombies as possible. In the beginning there will only be normal people running around. You can kill these people if u want, 'cause they will change into zombies sooner or later, but this will cost you points. As soon as a person transforms into a zombie, he'll start to chase you, as you'll be the last person that isn't infected. More details on the game can be found in the in-game tutorial.

A few things about the game:
-USE THE ESDF KEYS, without them you wont be able to walk backwards
-why ESDF and not WASD? because I have an AZERTY keyboard, and ESDF can be used with both keyboards.
-You can change the difficulty of the game by altering "infection frequency" and "zombie life" in the
options screen.
-The game was completed in 3 months and started because I was reeeeaaaallly bored
-95% of the games code was done entirely without tutorials
-Updates will come as I didn't get to make everything the way I wanted it, BTW suggestions for future versions are always appreciated

A few things about me:
-My name's Rian Goossens, i'm 15 and I live in Belgium
-I started working with flash when I was 11

That's it, I hope you'll enjoy my little game :D

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Not fun at all, feels like a waste of time.

i almost peed my pants when that zombie came up from the title

leave him alone

dont be mean at the maker its not his foult you know he did most he can to make u enjoy

Best Zombie Game!

This game was fantastic. Especially considering your age when you made it. Great potential. I love the custom options. It's fun mess around with the infection rate and damage rate. It kept my friends busy for a little while. :P The opening is clear and sets the mood with a nice scare. Presentation is very important and you did great. Truly my favorite zombie game online! Keep it up, you are gifted.


THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!! best i ever played nice game man i hope u keep on making good ones like this game

i-am-hell responds:

Thanks! That means a lot to me :D. If more people like it as much as you do i will keep making games, if i have the time to do it that is.

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3.12 / 5.00

Oct 30, 2008
4:33 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional